Kids Comrade – Vision Protection Mobile Application

Developed a seamless and functional mobile application for parents that helps them monitor and track their kids’ activity to protect their vision from the digital screen.

  • Easy-to-use application with simple in-app navigations to attract parents and entice them to use it
  • Create personalized messages for your kids or layout to warn kids to maintain a safe distance from the screen
  • The app allows recording videos as a warning to whenever the kids violate their time limit fixed
  • Scalable database to add and delete child’s and parent’s details to start the sessions


Client Location

United Kingdom



Business Model

Fixed Cost

Technology Used

  • For Android: Java

Our Parental Control App Solution

The client had immense confidence in Radixweb, as we were the leading mobile application development company for decades. Our team are experienced enough to take up complex projects and make them a success for business operations.

Here are some of the top-class features that our skilled mobile app developers build:

Up and Running in Background

The application would run in the background and keep monitoring the child’s activity. Hence the parent can easily open the app and start the session.

Automatic Detection

Automatically detect the child’s face distance from the mobile screen. For this, we used the latest module of mobile technology to call the functions.

Extra Security

Two-step protection to open the application. We added an extra layer of secure settings with a personalized PIN – to avoid changes in app setting by any other person.

Report Generation

The app had tracks and generated the report of screen time of kids. This enables parents to take care of their children and limit their screen time.

Warning Message

The parental monitoring app also showed warning by a pop-up message or video-recording by their parents when any violation occurs.

Hide App

Our mobile app developers also gave the option to remove/hide app from the application drawer so that kids can't make any changes. This was the most complex feature that the client wished to have.

What Client Achieved?

Our mobile app developers worked smartly and implemented the latest technology to build an app that helps parents monitor their kid’s activity while using a digital screen. We even ensured that the mobile app development cost is kept to a minimum without compromising user experience or features.

Real-time Tracking

  • The end-users can install the app on multiple devices and monitor their kid’s activity in real-time.

Helped Reduce Screen Time

  • The mobile app also assisted the end-users (i.e. Parents) to decrease the screen-time of their children. This was one of the best usability of the application that parents loved.

User-friendly Navigations

  • Our mobile app development experts developed an easy and user-friendly UI so that anyone who is not so familiar with mobile apps can use it without any hassle.
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