Mobile Based Audit Solution

Crafted an Insightful and Engaging Mobile Solution Involving Innovative Ways for Audits and Compliance to Keenly Calibrate Functions and Better Operations of Various Departments

Mobile App for Audits and Compliance Process
  • With technology at the core for audit related activities, helped to observe anomalies and discrepancies in process in real-time
  • Safeguarding organizations against all the weak links in the chain that pose greater risks with benefits of audits- anytime and anywhere
  • Get increased data integrity as a result of offline synchronization; that helps in recording evidence in absence or low connectivity
  • With printed checklists and manually managed assessments take a backseat, store data easily, quickly and accurately


Client Location



Audit & Compliance

Business Model

Dedicated Team

Technology Used

The Solution

Partnering with an able partner like Radixweb who understand the nitty-gritty of Mobile solutions, the client was provided with an extensive mobile driven audit solution. With a focus on matching complex audit and compliance needs, mobile platform application was designed to leverage below mentioned list of functionalities:

Fully Automated & Scalable System

The key requirement was to have a fully automated system that can adapt to diverse audit and compliance processes and provide support to conduct on-field audits using mobile apps to collect the crucial information required to generate a wide range of reports for executives and top management.

Offline and Two-way Sync

Offline support for auditors working on the site without internet. The data could be saved in the device memory and could be synched when online to store the data. Cross platform mobile app with offline data sync for auditing remote locations, streamlined workflow, reduced costs and better productivity.

Mobile Functionalities

Geo Location tagging of audits, signature capturing, photo capturing of failures/non-compliances, mentioning corrective actions, maintaining audit history for quick reference for iOS, Android and Windows phone.

Multilingual Support

Owing to the specific linguistic needs for a geographically dispersed end users, the application supported English and Chinese languages. All the information was displayed in its applicable language.

The Results

It was important for the client to assess how effectively all the various parts of the puzzle fit together to become a roaring Mobile Application streamlining and automating for a healthy auditing process. From comfortable user behavior to smooth adoption; the client witnessed a success breakthrough in the European market with the app:

Offline Synchronization

  • Work in low/no connectivity zones became easier
  • Secured data synchronization without hiccups

Increased Customer Loyalty

  • Well-informed employees about processes and operations
  • Secured and authentic approval with digital signatures
  • More transparency and flexibility won more customers

Support for Varied Industries

  • Multi-domain expertise to perform audits
  • Easy manageability with scalable multi-tenant architecture
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