Top AngularJS Development Tools in 2022

Best AngularJS Development Tools

Angular JS was launched by google in 2010. Now almost a decade later, the framework has become one of the world’s most sought-after software development frameworks. Angular JS’s popularity is twofold-it is a highly efficient framework that facilitates the building of dynamic and highly responsive web apps and SPAs.

Secondly, it has integration capabilities that support a wide array of tools and plugins that make the development process smooth and easy, without any compromises in output quality, be it utilities and features or visual appeal.

Angular is leading technology in Top 10K sites, Top 100K sites, Top 1M sites

Angular is leading technology in Top 10K sites, Top 100K sites, Top 1M sites

Why AngularJS?

Angular JS is built on the foundation that declarative code is a must-have to create a user interface and link software components to the said interface. It also states that imperative code is much more viable while defining business logic.

Angular JS is known for its shallow learning curve, which guides developers throughout their web development journey right from UI design, business logic scripting, testing, and final delivery.

Some of Angular JS’s USPs are-

  • Detailed Initialization Code

  • You would require numerous lines of code to acquire a simple ‘hello’ as an output in any other development framework. Thanks to AngularJS, your web applications can be easily bootstrapped by utilizing the tools mentioned above, automatically injected into the app in a Guice dependency injection format. This means that developers can build the required features faster while acquiring complete control over the initialization of mechanized tests.

  • Call-Back Registration

  • Call-back registration helps by decreasing JavaScript coding significantly, thus easing comprehension of what the app is meant to do.

  • Data Organization to and from UI

  • In most AJAX applications, CRUD functions are a major task. With AngularJS, all the boilerplate code generated during data transferences, validation errors, and interior model integration is erased, leaving highly efficient and easily understandable code that effectively defines the application.

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Top Angular JS Development Tools in 2022 and Beyond

The question that now arises is, what makes Angular JS so effective as a software development framework? The answer, Angular JS dev tools. Here’s our list of the top Angular JS development tools that facilitate hyper-effective web app development in 2022 and beyond.

1. Karma


Karma is a QA and testing framework which happens to lead the list of AngularJS performance testing tools. The USP of Karma is that it allows developers to test their code in a true-to-life ecosystem.

Development professionals deploy Karma to test their products on actual devices and browsers instead of simulations. This ‘on-ground testing’ capability of Karma helps developers rapidly identify potential issues, bugs, and glitches compared to a simulated/lab setting.

2. Angular JS UI


Angular JS UI is a set of UI components built in Angular. These components can be used as building blocks to create an entire application with minimal code required from developers. These UI components are the primary reason why Angular JS development is so popular. Easily one of the best Angular JS development tools, Angular JS UI facilitates the rapid design and delivery of Angular JS applications.


ment’s USP is its ability to function independently without jQuery integration. This offers development teams unmatched levels of flexibility, allowing them to apply to specific code blocks directly and accept selectable text input. can also introduce macros widgets and mentions, thus further enhancing efficacy and cutting down on developer effort, making on of the most highly desired Angular JS development tools.

4. Jasmine

Jasmine – Angularjs Development Tools

Jasmine is yet another full-fledged testing framework that makes our list of Angular JS tools. Jasmine’s aligned configuration removes the need for developers to rely on browsers or other JavaScript testing environments. Jasmine is minimalistic and sports an easy-to-use syntax that offers high levels of developer convenience while testing code. Jasmine works best while testing Node.js code and on websites that support JavaScript runtimes, making Jasmine one of the primary Angular devtools.

5. Restangular


Restangular is an app service that powers commands like GET, POST, DELETE and UPDATE, with minimal code requirements. Restangular is perfect for web applications that require data consumption from RESTful APIs, making the entire process a lot more streamlined while enhancing app performance. Restangular is considered one of the most commonly used Angular JS development tools.

6. Protractor

Protractor – Angular JS Development Tool

Another frontrunner in our list of the best Angular development tools, Protractor, is an end-to-end testing framework. Protractor stands out in the crowd of Angular JS testing frameworks because it can autonomously sync the web page being worked upon with the testing sessions as soon as the runtime ends. This offers a true-to-life testing ecosystem experience.

7. Angular-gettext


Newbie developers find angular-gettext the perfect tool for code translations in Angular JS. Angular-gettext is deployed by developers to efficiently translate annotated blocks of code written in natural language into browser/framework comprehensible instructions seamlessly.

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8. Mocha.js


Testing frameworks make up a significant portion of our list, and with good reason. What use is Angular JS code if the output is glitch and buggy? To facilitate error-free development, Mocha.js is a high utility testing framework that supports asynchronous testing. This feature has dual benefits; firstly, it offers a high level of development flexibility. Secondly, it enhances mapping accuracy and reporting frequency for your Angular JS development initiative.

9. ng-inspector


ng-inspector is an effective assistant who helps developers code, debug, and understand Angular JS code and subsequent applications. ng-inspector is a browser extension that is compatible with Angular JS devtools for chrome and Angular JS devtools for Firefox. When active, it adds an inspector pane which allows developers to locate code errors and inconsistencies. ng-inspector employs a range of controllers and directives that help identify and depict each scope.

10. Djangular

Djangular – Angularjs Tool

If app integration is something your AngularJS development initiative requires, then Djangular is your very own rockstar. Unlike other app integration angular developer tools, Djangular does not create a massive load of content. Instead, it facilitates content creation on a per-app basis. In addition, developers can use apps per site with the option of selective runtimes.

11. Angular Seed


Angular Seed acts as the superstructure of the Angular JS application being built. Developers deploy angular Seed to bootstrap an Angular app development initiative by utilizing its Angular JD development IDE. You can also develop powerful mobile apps using NativeScript.

12. Angular Fire


Every Angular application requires a sound backend development infrastructure. Here is where Angular Fire steps in to save the day. Angular Fire is an exceptionally efficient Angular JS IDE online for app backends. With a flexible API, Rapid development capabilities, and 3-way data binding, Angular Fire greatly enhances the developer experience. In short, Angular Fire is lit.

13. Generator Angular


Generator Angular is one of the most effective tools for angular development that helps quickly initiate an app development project by building an editable wireframe based on intuitive defaults. Generator Angular comes fitted with all boilerplates that a developer might require during an Angular JS development initiative.

14. Angular Deckgrid

Angular Deckgrid

To put it simply, Angular Deckgrid is a light yet effective grid for Angular JS. Angular Deckgrid works best for code/instructions where the directive mentioned is independent of its visual representation. Angular Deckgrid receives and displays visuals from the project’s CSS files making Deckgrid a primary Angular JS related technology.

15. jsfiddle


JSfiddle is an online editor that simplifies coding for programmers. JSfiddle allows developers to code in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Angular, all on a single screen. JSfiddle is fast loading and extremely lightweight in comparison to similar programs making jsfiddle arguagble the best angularjs editor.

16. Videogular


Videogular is an HTML5- based video player that fulfills all your Angular JS video requirements. When you hire front-end developers, with Videogular, the developers can deploy effective integration of video support and incorporate videos and other multimedia elements right into the Angular JS app they are working on.

Videogular comes with bindable properties a robust API which offers developers the ability to create custom plugins. With Videogular, your Angular JS development project can sport advanced HTML5-based video playing features and with a customizable frontend that matches your app’s design.

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17. Angular Kickstart

Angular Kickstart Tool

The world we live in demands instant gratification of all requirements, and Angular Kickstart is just the tool you were looking for. With Angular Kickstart, you can accelerate the pace of your development initiative by bringing together Gulp JS, Bower, and Angular JS to boost the speeds of your Angular JS development endeavor. Not only does Angular speed up the development process its modular structure also caches code to make it reusable, thus easing development even further.

18. Visual Studio


Visual Studio Code is one of the leading AngularJS frameworks. It is seamlessly compatible with all major platforms and Oss. Visual Studio comes with a ‘smart’ editor that makes it one of the fastest Angular JS development tools available today.

Visual Studio’s IntelliSense feature offers automatic completion of integrated modules, variables, and even functions. Its built-in GUI for Git facilitates real-time visualizations of code changes. At the same time, its Peek function allows developers to open a window where the full definition of the function is visible.

19. Mean


A developer favorite Mean is a tool that functions as a ‘boilerplate’ that can work across diverse platforms and devices. Mean finds utility by developers who deploy as one of the best-loved Angularjs build tools to create applications in Mongo DB, Node.js, Express, and Angular JS. Mean has a custom-configured module set, Mongoose and Passport, to name a couple, that proves highly useful in speeding up development times.

20. Aptana Studio


Aptana Studio is a development tool that facilitates the rapid creation of websites and web apps. Its integrated development environment, Eclipse, is flexible and yet highly efficient. Aptana Studio sports superlative Git integrations, facilitating better source code management. The tool supports HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript.

Aptana Studio has an in-built debugger with intuitive debugging capabilities and features and offers a development environment with the ability to customize commands. Aptana Studio also sports a Tree-based code browser, thus further reducing developer effort.

21. Sublime Text

Sublime Text

If you plan to develop and then test your app/web page’s code, you need a powerful text editor. Sublime Text is a solution that ranks at the very pinnacle of its class. The reason behind Sublime Text’s popularity is its efficiency, output quality, and effortless coding facilities.

Some of its ‘click to reach’ functions are ‘Goto Definition’ that offers the developer all the info he requires simply by hovering over the symbol. ‘Goto Anything’ saves time by allowing developers to jump to specific symbols, lines, or words written in the code. Its Multiple Selections feature facilitates changes and edits that can be applied to multiple lines or variables simultaneously. With CSS sorting, developers can sort properties in alphabetical order, reducing code errors and enabling easy file switching in the new Angular 13.

22. Code Orchestra

Code Orchestra

Every application requires a front end that is robust, intuitive, and appealing while offering all the required features to deliver an effective USP. Code Orchestra is one of the best frontend development frameworks that facilitate live stylization of the code. This means that whenever a developer wishes to modify/edit a part of the code and then save it, Code Orchestra automatically implements the changes into the program with a special protocol for real-time integration.

23. Angular IDE


Angular IDE is the go-to IDE tool for newbies as well as veterans. Angular IDE sports ‘smart’ syntax-aware source code coloring, code auto-completion, and real-time code validations, to name a few of its features. Angular IDE also has HTML template intelligence for auto-completing codes and detection of mis-defined tags and advanced formatting options.

24. Webstorm


Webstorm continues to be the tool of choice for Angular JS developers who desire the best Angular JS development IDE and Text. Webstorm is an intuitive and ‘smart’ code editor that also sports compatibility with numerous frameworks, including JavaScript, Node.js, and CSS.

The primary utility of Webstorm is the futuristic design it sports, making it forward compatible with successor frameworks, establishing it as a highly desired Angular JS development tool.

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Wrapping up

Now developing a dynamic, feature-rich, and highly performant Angular-based application is no longer a distant dream. With the above Angular JS must-have web developer tools, you can now easily create the perfect Angular–based application to match your business requirements. The only thing you now need to achieve your development goals is the right Angular JS development company.

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