7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Node.js Development Team

7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Node.js Development Team

Do you know what the secret is behind the success of web applications like Amazon, PayPal, LinkedIn, or Netflix? …Node.js powers them.

Node.js is a JavaScript framework, an open-source runtime environment that is an excellent choice for building high-performance and scalable applications. Node.js development has gained remarkable popularity in recent times – thanks to its robust technology stack, scalable technology, high-end flexibility, and ease of use.

According to statistics published in Hosting Tribunal, 85% of developers use Node.js for web app development, while 43% use it to build smart and intuitive enterprise applications. PayPal has witnessed a decrease in average response time by 35% after deploying the Node.js framework.

Furthermore, this JavaScript runtime environment improves application performance by 50% while reducing development costs by 58%. Big enterprises want improved efficiency and the latest features, which can save millions of dollars. Thankfully, Node.js brings the best of both – “futuristic” features and reduced time to startup.

Why Should You Consider Node.js Development?

Web application development using the Node.js framework offers a broad range of benefits for businesses. No wonder why the cutting edge JavaScript runtime powers 180,314 websites and 94,127 unique domains today. When big brands such as Amazon, Twitter, PayPal, AliExpress, etc., are running web applications on Node.js, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t.

And if you are still apprehensive about Node.js development, below are some quick facts that tell why it is popular among developers:

  • According to User Survey Report published by Node JS, the framework can significantly boost your business productivity. Only 4% of businesses have reported that the runtime has had no impact on their productivity.
  • Both PayPal and Netflix have reported significant results in performance and economically following Node.js development. With Node.js, the companies have reduced their startup time remarkably from 40+ minutes to just below a minute
  • As mentioned earlier, Node.js helps reduce development costs by 58%. The cross-platform JavaScript runtime is faster and efficient, helping save more time in developing a web application
  • The ultra-fast speed of Node.js aids in remarkable improvements in loading time. It can help reduce loading time by 50-60%
  • The open-source platform has a robust and well-supported community. Therefore, 49.9% of professional developers use it for its unmatched tools, libraries, and frameworks

The above facts indicate why a significant share of companies considers switching to Node.js development today. This has given rise to exceptional demand for professional Node.js developers. A study by Forbes suggests that the growth in demand for expert developers has increased exponentially by 2,493%.

Do you know ultra-fast speed of Node.js aids in remarkably improving the loading time. It can help reduce loading time by 50-60% ? Click To Tweet

Critical Skills of the Best Node.js Developers

If you are considering hiring Node.js developers, here are the critical skills you should look for:

  • Experience in Node.js Development: Node.js is an open-source platform where people make contributions year-on-year to improve its features and functionality. As such, there are numerous tools and frameworks available. The developer needs to have knowledge and expertise in popular tools, frameworks, and IDEs to contribute to bug fixes and patches.
  • Skills in Node.js Frameworks: If the developer has experience in a wide variety of Node.js frameworks, they will be capable of applying their knowledge to expand its functionality and features.

Critical Skills of the Best Node.js Developers

  • Knowledge in Front-end Development: How to hire Node.js developer who has experience in front-end Node.js development, i.e., someone who knows how the end-users view the product. Having this knowledge will help the developer create immersive interfaces.
  • Expertise in Asynchronous Programming: Choose a Node.js development team that has skills in asynchronous programming. This enables executing multiple functions simultaneously, thus, reducing lead times and improving the speed of development.
  • Proficiency in APIs: A good Node.js developer has the ability to interpret API codes, which can be used to execute individual projects. This enables them to integrate multiple systems seamlessly.
  • According to data 85% of developers use Node.js for web app development, while 43% use it to build smart and intuitive enterprise applications Click To Tweet

    What should one look for in a Node.js development team?

    Hiring Node.js developer, one who has vast knowledge and expertise in this field, can be tricky. There are hundreds of top-rated developers who are specialists in Node.js development. And asking these seven questions will help you differentiate the good from the best.

    1. What kind of experience you have in Node JS development?

    Each company has unique requirements for Node JS development. Some need building high-performance web applications, while others may want to create scalable enterprise applications. Before hiring Node.js development team, you must check whether the developer has the expertise that matches your specific needs.

    Having generic experience in developing Node JS applications is not enough to gain a competitive advantage with your product or solution. The developer should have specialized knowledge in the type of application you want to build using Node.js.

    2. How updated are you?

    Node.js is an open-source platform that is evolving almost every day to improve its features and functionality. The developer you choose should continuously upgrade their knowledge and capabilities in such changes, developing modern, intuitive, and scalable solutions.

    3. What skills do you have in Node JS development?

    Make sure the development team you choose have:

    • In-depth capabilities in front end technologies
    • Expertise in methodologies of Agile and Scrum
    • Skills in GitHub coding
    • Experience in writing integration testing codes
    • Knowledge in coding complex designs

    In addition to the above skills, they should have expertise in CSS, HTML, databases, JavaScript, etc. At the same time, make sure the development team has experience developing solutions in your product niche.

    4. What are the different types of Node JS development services you offer?

    Ideally, the best Node JS development team offers a broad spectrum of services that include the following:

    • Native Node.js app development services to build scalable, high-performance, cross-platform mobile applications
    • Developing reliable, secure, and scalable enterprise web apps solutions for large-scale enterprises
    • Node.js integration and migration to make the most of the platform
    • Expert Node JS consultation for every matter related to development, deployment, customization, and more
    • Reliable Node JS support and maintenance

    Our Node.js experts can help address your business challenges and make you future-ready. Let’s talk!

    5. Do you have knowledge in DevOps and beyond HTTP protocol?

    It is essential to understand that experience in Node.js development is beyond standard HTTP protocol. Look for a team with capabilities to work on protocols such as XMPP server/client or peer to peer. The ability to build these kinds of applications indicates the development team’s deep understanding and knowledge of the technology.

    When you hire Node.js developer, make sure they are DevOps certified. Having expertise in DevOps and Node.js deployment will enable them to handle load balancing better or scaling the app across different databases and servers.

    Do you have knowledge in DevOps and beyond HTTP protocol

    6. Do you specialize in front-end development or back-end development?

    This will help you understand whether the development team is the best fit for your Node JS development needs. A front-end developer is one who focuses on the user part of a web application. They are responsible for the visual and functional part of the application, i.e., everything the user sees.

    On the other hand, a back-end developer develops and supports processes that run in the background – things that users cannot see. It is more of the experiences and functionalities.

    Ideally, your Node JS development team should comprise of both front-end and back-end developers.

    7. What is the cost of Node.js development?

    This is an important question to ask when you want to hire an experienced Node.js developer for web application development. Knowing the cost to hire a Node.js developer will help you stay on budget without compromising the web application’s quality.

    An Indeed survey says the average salary of a Node JS developer in the USA may range between $78K and $116K per year. It may reach $200K annually for expert top-level senior developers with 5+ years of experience.

    Make sure the developer is upfront about its pricing plans, and there are no hidden charges.


    Whether a standard web application or a highly scalable enterprise app, choosing a best Node.js development company can make a big difference in quality and reliability. All you need is to understand your development needs and hire a team that matches your requirements. Finding a good one can be tricky, but following the above guide will help you choose the top Node.js developers for your project. Radixweb is one of India’s most advanced development companies and has helped many clients wade through many complex projects and scenarios. You can be rest assured about the quality, security, and stability of your projects.

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