The Cost to Build a Node.js Web App: An overview

Cost to Build a Node.Js Web App

Walmart, Uber, and Netflix are all built on Node.js, and we all know how they are know to be the best-in-class apps. Their run-time environment is based on V8 JavaScript, an excellent tool to build high-performance, scalable, and robust web applications.

Node.js is snowballing and is a preferred choice for developers today, thanks to using a full stack of JavaScript tools and technologies, fast processing, scalable technology, JSON support, and a rich developer ecosystem.

But before we go into the cost of web application development on Node.js, let’s understand why you should have an app built with this JavaScript run-time environment.

Benefits of Node.js Development

Do you know that 85% of businesses hire Node.js developers to build robust web applications, while 43% use the tool to create highly intuitive and scalable enterprise applications? Interestingly, the backend of top-rated online marketplaces such as AliExpress and eBay are powered by Node.js. According to W3techs, it is used by some of the best high-traffic websites like Groupon, Netflix, and PayPal.

Here are some quick reasons why Node.js development has gained remarkable popularity nowadays:

  • Simple to learn
  • Node.js uses JavaScript as a programming language, which is extremely popular among front-end developers. This curtails the learning curve and allows the developers to master the backend side of Node.js with ease. It will enable the developers to share the same language on client and server sides, eliminating the need to switch continuously from front-end to backend sides. This reduces the number of developers needed for web application development, minimizing costs as well.

  • Scalability
  • Another advantage of Node.js development is its scalability. Applications built on Node.js has features such as a cluster module that helps balance the load over several CPU cores. Additionally, applications developed in this JavaScript run-time environment are highly scalable, both in vertical and horizontal directions. The feature of high scalability makes Node.js a preferred choice for developers.

  • Build applications faster
  • Node.js web application development becomes a breeze due to its lightening-fast speed. Building apps on this platform is simple and easy, allowing you to develop multi-user apps like chat and games, real-time data syncing, and much more.

Benefits Of Node.Js Web Development

  • Cost-effective
  • Being an open-source platform, Node.js is more cost-effective than other JavaScript-based servers. It features a modular nature, making it faster and easier to develop a web application on Node.js.

  • Robust technology stack
  • Node.js development for backend application development automatically gives you access to a full stack of JavaScript tools and technologies. This aids in improved efficiency and higher developer productivity while ensuring more incredible speed and performance.

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    With Node.js, you also get excellent technical support, thanks to it being an open-source platform.

    Factors Determining the Cost of Node.js Web Application Development

    The cost of Node.js development will depend on several factors, as discussed herewith:

    1. Choosing between an in-house developer, freelancer, or outsourcing

    To start with determining the cost, you need to choose the right engagement model. Should you hire Node.js developer in-house, work with a freelancer, or outsource the project to a reputable development company? Having an in-house team will ensure you have better control over the project but may cost higher in the long-term. You also need to factor in paying for their salary and other perks even when they are not working on a project.

    Hiring a freelance developer is a cost-effective option but lacks professionalism and time management. Often, you may not trust them with a complex web application development project. Outsourcing Node.js web application development ensures the best value for money because you get some of the best Node.js developers to work on the project at a more competitive price.

    Therefore it is crucial to determine which engagement model works best for your business and the type of application you want to develop.

    2. Expertise of the Node.js Developer

    The cost of hiring Node.js web developer depends considerably on the knowledge and expertise of the developer. The programs and applications built with Node.js are different from those developed on other JavaScript-based frameworks. The former needs a more in-depth understanding of backend development and strategic thinking.

    Simultaneously, the developer should avoid common mistakes like invoking callback multiple times, blocking the event loop, not using supervisor programs, etc. At the same time, he should have dedicated knowledge and skill in Node.js run-time environment.

    The experience level of the developer also has a direct effect on the cost of Node.js development. According to PayScale, the average starting compensation of a Node.js developer is around $67k. Developers with 5-10 years of experience have an average salary of $105k, while developers who have been in the industry for a long time may quote an average salary of $113k. So, the total compensation of a Node.js developer may range between $72k – $116k annually.

    Therefore, the higher the skills and experience of the developer who will work on your project, the higher the cost you may expect to pay.

    3. Features of the web application

    Every functionality or feature of the web application comes with an inherent cost. The more complex the features are, the more intricate coding goes into it. The features and functionalities may include API integration, payment methods, etc. This would mean more developmental hours and, as such, higher costs.

    Factors Affecting Cost Of Node.Js Web App Development

    4. Level of Security

    All web applications developed on Node.js are secure. But if you are creating a high-end enterprise-level application and want top-notch security levels, it may cost higher than any Node.js web application with standard security levels. For instance, if you have thousands of employees in your organization and want to build a powerful ERP web application, it needs high-security levels. As such, the development cost will be higher.

    5. Maintenance and Support

    It is not surprising for a web application to come up with different problems from time to time. This may include technical glitches, downtime, etc. To provide high levels of user experience, continuous maintenance and support are essential. This will enable you to resolve user queries and ensure that the web application is always up and running optimally. Each of these aspects of maintenance and support will come at an additional cost. This should also be included in the total web application development cost.

    6. Third-party services

    Most web applications also work on some third-party services. This may help build the much-needed features and functionalities to provide a comprehensive user experience. The development cost will also include the cost of using these third-party services.


    Node.js is undoubtedly one of the best tools for high-end web application development, particularly when you want to build real-time applications. Deciding to develop a web app on Node.js is a smart decision, but you also need to determine its benefits and cost.

    Several factors affect the cost of Node.js development – the hiring model you choose, type of web application you want to build, features and functionalities, level of security, the expertise of the Node.js developer, third-party services, and maintenance & support you may need.

    However, the quality and cost of Node.js development will also depend on the developer or company you outsource to. You must hire only an experienced Node.js development company with a proven track record in building cutting-edge, high-performance, and scalable web applications. Radixweb is a well known development company in India and can provide top-notch quality at the best prices that will fit your budget. Most importantly, we ensure the best value by providing continuous support and maintenance.

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