Radixweb has Made Some Serious Gains – Here’s us Unveiling our #NewOffice

Radixweb Levels Up With New Office

Getting up and getting ready on a Monday morning is a herculean task, according to most Indians. The commute, especially in metros, can be terribly tedious, and the feeling of a fresh start to the day can easily get lost in the exhausting fumes of unending traffic.

And even after an average Indian employee reaches work, he is greeted by clichéd blank walls and cramped cubicles that are even more depressing. Forgetting the past weekend becomes even more difficult as the employee meanders through the day in the Indian office version of limbo.

Shaking off the Monday blues requires drive and commitment that have already been drained from the average employee as he stares at an obsolete screen in an uncomfortable chair and a fan overhead that refuses to work.

Thankfully all these woes are rapidly becoming elements of the past.

After commencing operations in 2000, Radixweb now is a market leader in the software development outsourcing sphere two decades later. As testimony to our motto of consistently delivering excellence, Radixweb has moved to a brand new headquarter, aptly named Ekyarth, in the upmarket Malabar County area in the suburbs of Ahmedabad.

Radixweb Moved to Brand New Office

Easily one of the country’s poshest office spaces, Radixweb’s new headquarters in Ahmedabad, Ekyarth, which means unity is sanskrit, is oozing with positivity and motivation. Radixweb recently celebrated it’s hyper-growth journey over the past two decades. Our experience and expertise, has solidified our position as a market leader in the tech arena. Combined with investments in the cutting edge of Radixweb’s infrastructure, technology, and human resources, forms the base of the move.

From walls carrying inspiring quotes and ‘punny’ one-liners to vast, luxurious work floors equipped with next-gen amenities and features, Ekyarth is the crown jewel of Radixweb’s infrastructural prowess that stems from a highly satisfied customer base and equally motivated teams.

Ekyarth sports a game area, a snooze room, a brainstorm area, multiple cubby holes, a massive cafeteria and floors, and conference rooms that could easily outmatch many first-world office spaces.

With 700 ergonomic workstations and a workforce of over 500, through the innovative integration of industry best practices, Radixweb is a forerunner in terms of business process automation and a harbinger of digital transformation. We have set the industry benchmark of 100% customer success with delighted clients spread across 25 countries, and our new headquarters, Ekyarth, is a beacon of efficiency and our promise of quality to our people, our customers, and our partners.

With infrastructural elements specially designed to keep employees productive, motivated, and most importantly, happy, Radixweb’s office space Ekyarth is a treat to behold. Cozy lounges, expansive work areas combine to create an eclectic mix of functionality and opulence. Radixweb has designed its office to stay attuned to its roots of cutting-edge technology while employee comfort seamlessly dovetails with efficiency.

In an industry where it is imperative to be abreast of daily advances in technology, Radixweb’s new headquarters, Ekyarth, is committed to being a vanguard, leading the future of software development.

Radixweb's New Headquarters Ekyarth

To additionaly improve Radixweb’s obligation to top tier client assistance and advancement and backing our organization’s proceeded with development, in late 2017, we started development on Radixweb’s new office in Ahmedabad. The tech-rich office – opened in February 2020 – gives us an expected space to enlist 300+ extra workers before the year’s end.

A stellar office space that has topped many lists when it comes to aesthetics and amenities, Radixweb’s Ekyarth abounds with vivid colors splashed around every nook and corner of our new headquarters.

A leading name in all things that have anything to do with tech innovation, Ekyarth is a fitting manifestation of what Radixweb stands for. Plush furniture, colorful signage, and ergonomically designed workstations place Ekyarth in the upper echelons of next-gen workspaces across the globe.

Going for a minimalistic aesthetic, Ekyarth sports neo-modern amenities seamlessly coupled with hip and urban wall signage. With a futuristic twist to its in-office nomenclature for its workspaces, Ekyarth houses conference, training and meeting rooms with quirky names like RoBox, Onyx, Nalanda, Syshub and a lot more to keep the atmosphere of the office sprightly and welcoming.

Radixweb's New Corporate House

“Ekyarth has been imagined as an empowering agent for us to make a strong assistance arrange and additionally fortify our administration capacities. Our new central command is essential for our business technique at this basic time of financial change. We will utilize our worldwide organization benefits, combined with our proficient administrations experience, to offer vital help to financial change and mechanical upgradation. Ekyarth is a significant achievement for Radixweb, yet it additionally fills in as a lowering token of the difficult work it has taken from the whole group to get us to this point,” added Mr. Acharya. “We’ve had the option to fabricate world-class solutions for clients around the world, giving solutions to FMCG, CPG, mechanical, medical care, fintech, and even manufacturing. Our new corporate house will permit the organization to keep on giving top notch administration to those clients, select phenomenal new representatives, and advance the innovation that will fuel the next extraordinary chapter of Radixweb.”

Have a glimpse of Radixweb’s New Corporate Office:

As a leading software development outsourcing service provider, this is the fifth consecutive year of Radixweb cinching the top spot on all rating and review platforms. 2021 has also marked exponential revenue growth for Radixweb and has strengthened our position as industry leaders. The first-world is one of the priority markets for Radixweb, and we have always paid close attention to every development in the industry, allowing us to offer world-class services to our clients.

Radixweb's New Office Space

With a daily dose of motivation for their employees, Life at Radixweb is an eclectic mix of caring mentors, fun-loving yet professional colleagues and an approachable C-suite. Radixweb’s new office sports quotable quotes, minimalistic designs, and a neo-modern inclusive approach that spreads across all its people from the c-Suite to our employees and on to our clients. Ekyarth stands as living testimony to Radixweb’s promise to encourage, empower and equip our people to be ready for a tech tomorrow.

In response to the growing demand for software development outsourcing, drawing on resources and professional experience from our global network, Radixweb aims to help companies realize their vision of business transformation, upgrade, and contribute towards improving the standards of modern software development.

Radixweb's New Corporate Office

This year, Radixweb unveiled Ekyarth as a distinguished landmark at the city’s financial and commercial development zone. It is a strong testament to our commitment to prepare for our clients’ journey to the next century and in building business eminence.

Ekyarth has been imagined as an empowering agent for us to make a strong support system and additionally reinforce our service administration capacities. Our new base camp is important for our business procedure at this basic time of financial change. We will utilize our world-class organization benefits, combined with our nearby expert administrations experience, to offer vital help to financial change and modern upgradation.

Radixweb's New Headquarter

Our new office is an impression of our responsibility and trust in the guarantee of perfect software that we hold. Our vision has consistently been to give an open, reasonable and clear workplace culture that permits people to achieve their destinations genuinely, settle on perfect choices, and persistently take on challenges with verve.

With our #NewOffice, we at Radixweb are offering a cooperative and effective workspace that mirrors our style of business, supports efficiency, and helps our people, customers and partners develop together.

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Sarrah Pitaliya is a senior digital marketing manager at Radixweb to precisely navigate strategy for growth, build marketing capabilities, align the organization around customer experience and mentor teams about new digital, social, mobile channels and customer opportunities. Apart from work, she is a fitness freak and coffee connoisseur.