Radixweb 16th Foundation Day Celebrations: Rxconfab2016 – Part III

Radixweb 16th Foundation Day Celebrations: Rxconfab2016 – Part III

Props and Dance like Cheese & Wine

Hola readers! After reading Part 1 and Part 2 of RXconfab2016 “A Day to Mesmerize”. Here we are with some exciting write up and pictures again. The night of 16th foundation day of Radixweb was enlightening and “Shaping the Future Together” no matter it’s with colleagues, clients or company itself. As the night was going to sleep Radixians opened the box of happiness and get the props out.

The Props –

Talking more about Props which filled the atmosphere with doobi-doo-doo-baa feeling in everyone. Everyone was eager to capture themselves with exciting props around. Peeps were taking selfies and was catching themselves to get click with those props. Wanna see how damn the props were crazy and Radixians filled colors in it? Check out the images below:


“Beautiful Divas Around and the Devils Cult was Often Illiterati”.

DJ in the House Tonight –

Right with the props and without props when everything was just done, DJ started the Music and it Woo Radixans at its best. DJ in the house tonight – hands right up in the air – feet’s were jumping and soul was dancing free. Vibrant color, Neon rays, silhouettes in dark everything was so relishing that everyone forget everything and started moving like “HAPPY FEET”. No matter who they are? Or where they were? Everyone was united and ONE.

As the Eve was near to end. Everyone had a Buffet together. As empty stomachs louds a lot after some floor breaking dance. Radixians had a very friendly and a quality family like time together. No hustle or bustle around anyone, the dinner was not only compiled food but the memories of past hours as well, were everyone had a great eve with all the MASALA.


For More Cherishing Moments of RXconfab2016 – Check Out Our Facebook Album

Some Moment just came at some point of time and we should grab it always. It is essential too because as we are humans we need change. The 16th foundation day of Radixweb was not just sick corporate party instead it was “A LIVE RELISHING & A NEW DAWN OF WELCOMING THE 17th YEAR”.

We hope you have enjoy reading whole three parts. And visualize our message and event as well. Not less to come but more to come in RXconfab2017.

RXconfab2016 an official name for our event and a baby founded on our Sweet 16 bash.

Kudos to all the Radixians…!

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