Radixweb 16th Foundation Day Celebrations: Rxconfab2016 – Part II

Radixweb 16th Foundation Day Celebrations: Rxconfab2016 – Part II

Elegant Preparation Marched with Performances

As the incredible evening was on its way. We came up with some extravaganza at the same time. Radixian’s didn’t miss the opportunity to show their talent apart from work. The team who rocked the IT Outsourcing and software development industry has spread the fire on stage. Performances flaunt the evening with Fashion show, Drama, Dance, Singing, Games and more.

Ramp Show – Mafia Theme

The decent team suddenly came in the “Mafia Attire” and stole the whole attention with its unique concept and ‘WOW’ looks. The Style. The Attitude. The Confidence. was highlights of the ramp show and it astonished the audience. The diversity of the show was a unique combination of local goons merging with international one. It felt like a full ‘Bollywood Tamasha’ Inclusion of the Police and the stylish showstopper was icing on the cake.


Danced Like HEART OUT

Curtains raised and silhouette shined. The celebrations are incomplete without some stylish artiste showing their moves on stage and entertaining the viewers. Yes, referring to Dance – Locking, Popping, Emotionless Dance and Thumkas. The girls came and danced like divas with their thumkas while the guys gave equal paring with some stylish locking and popping. Then we had the grand performance that is the “Radix Saga –the Emotionless Dance” A lazy style dance – but humor in it – a message to share and spread smile in air, we just can’t come over and can’t knock it off. Every year team of Radixians comes with unique concepts and showcase their talent. All in one the dance was – HAMINASTU


Tunes of Music

A team of five people has filled the color in the silhouette of mesmerizing evening by their song, instruments and vocal. Two on vocal – Two on guitar and – One on Tabla (Indian musical instrument) wallow the atmosphere.

The music soothes everything no matter what it is.


The Drama – An ACT to Convey

As the evening dawn with smiles, talks and memories the shout out came from the backstage and we’ve seen the critically humor Indian political drama by a bunch of people on stage. Being addressed in mother tongue it was way humorous and much praised by the audience. Such performances have made the day. Check out the glimpse of drama below.


HR and Marketing Bites

Last but not the least HR and Marketing team of Radixweb gave all the big shot and best to make a happening event.

Right from depicting the name ‘RXconfab2016’ to keep the fire ON for the event till the day and making it a big shoutout on internet for years to come – marketing team showcased their profound talent.

To make sure the virtual wows be actual the HR team leaded the front and ensured the success of the event.


We are thanking the team, so don’t think the party is over. The DJ BANG BASS was all set. And here is the crazy moves and grooves for you. Continue reading…

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