Radixweb 16th Foundation Day Celebrations: Rxconfab2016 – Part I

Radixweb 16th Foundation Day Celebrations: Rxconfab2016 – Part I

Inseparable Memories

A heartthrob Corporate Evening RXconfab2016, where all the Radixians shows team spirit, dedication towards work and more even celebrated the 16th foundation day in an energetic way. Radixweb SUCCESS STORY depicts the 16 years of Shaping the Future Together. 21st July 2016 the day was finally all about celebrating the milestone of the company, our team’s success and recalling every moment that empowered us to do amazing things and our commitment towards Excellence and Innovation. ‘Taking an OATH TOGETHER’ and Radixweb to the next level.

Carried by breathtaking performances that filled the auditorium with cheers and claps – loudly appreciated by everyone for extravaganza performances by our Geeks who turned the Rockstars. Finally, the time came when props were out, ties got loosen, blazers were packed and hair down at the dance floor with rocking and energetic DJ. Kudos to Radixians – known for the best work and party even harder! Cheers…!

Today, here we are presenting the glimpse and some move and grooves from RXconfab2016. Given title which itself describes
A Day to Mesmerize. The whole event was a big bang and we thought to share this moments with you in three parts to make you live it with us.

So here we are proudly presenting “Di Classe” Radixweb 16th anniversary celebration.

Celeb 16th Foundation Day- “Savoring the Way”

Lets’ give you chunk solid dose of party fever. A day to mesmerize which is 21st of July 2016. On that day we all Radixian enjoy like the last day of life that night was not about to get end but as the matter of fact day which starts has its end…

Where to start with is a big Merry-go-round because at a Radix annual function everything was glittery filled right from the ceremony, awards, performances and much more.

We have kick started our event since morning. Radixians were all set to look their best and was making sure their ‘Party Attire’ for RXconfab2016 is all set. We decorated our office with blue and white colors… Well yea that showcases Radixweb as a brand.

At the evening the excitement was double as we were about to unveil the dose of happiness. The function was inaugurated by the core pillars of Radix family. Diya ceremony was beautifully cherished and the prayer filled the banquet with all positive vibes around.

A big bang cake was all set to cut off for the celebration. The joy around and happiness on all the faces itself describe the relishing moment of sweet 16 here.


“Your Celebration Cake is as Important as your Attire and Buffet”

Along with the cake cutting ceremony, our marketing team surprised everyone by playing a fantastic video of Radix memories 2015-16. Taking all hey and success inside and compiled in 3 minutes. It was much praised by the whole team as it covered everyone inside out in the flourishing journey.

Moving ahead – well, it’s always a pleasure to see the team working hard and stay committed to achieving the success again and again. Yes, at Radixweb we do see the charm of excitement to work harder and achieve the best. The company equally cherish this excitement by applauding this dedication and commitment. All valued Radixians awarded for their commitment and contribution. The loyalty always pays with a tribute and we have churned it with certifications. And more over the employees with outstanding performance were also privileged.


“You’ve been Awarded not just for Work but more for your Commitment and Love”

In between we got the amazing time chit chatting with our buddies around. This was the moment where we lived the success by expressing it many ways. Well, let me tell you ‘selfies’ were blowing the floor all around during the event. We all were delighted by RXconfab2016. It feels like “Zehnaseeb” (someone who is blessed) because who get all the eggs in a basket which are not meant to broke.

What? You think it’s an end of the big blasting celebrations? Not yet, here comes the rocking performances and fun among all. Continue reading….

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