Tapping Mobile Application Development Trends for 2018

Tapping Mobile Application Development Trends For 2018

The global trend to ‘mobilize’ products or services is in an avalanche mode, as it sweeps across everything that comes in its way. For brands to survive in 2018, simply introducing an app is not the end- but the beginning of a rewarding mobile rendezvous with their customers.

To hit the bull’s eye, it is crucial to understand how your customers ‘interact’ with their mobile apps to predict engagement behavior and boost levels of personalization. Imbibing this intelligence in apps, companies can envisage to communicate more clearly with end-users. Studies show that personalized content boosts engagement by four times.

In 2018, modern mobile apps will be smarter than its ancestors. Based on predictive analysis, brands should be laser- focused on meeting personalized needs of customers, rather than pushing updates/content for all segments.

Does your media app suggest songs based on your city weather? Or a new destination pops up in your tourism app while you are traveling in unknown lands? Well, these are few examples of how predictive analysis from smart mobile apps quantifies in enabling push notifications from your customers. The coming year will see more of this, of course!

Mobile apps are huffing and puffing to radically change how customers interact with them!

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise- goes an old saying. It will stand true for brands that will redesign their websites to support mobile-based visual and voice search. As per a report by Garter, by 2021 ‘wise’ enterprises will increase digital commerce revenue by 30%. For e-commerce vendors, it is inevitable to accelerate investments in mobile segment- as 50% of all transactions emerge from mobile browsers or apps. Let’s have a quick look at what 2018 will have in store for us:

Wearing It Right

Breaking the shackles of brick and mortar stores- the retail industry now fits in the palm of their consumers. About 70% of shoppers use their mobiles to shop before they even step in-store. With this disruptive digital shopping behavior, stakeholders are leveraging on proximity marketing with the use of smart beacons, and mobile apps and websites. Adhere to a water-tight strategy with compelling, coherent cross-channel integrations of mobile wallet integrations and age-old SMS and mobile coupons.

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Say Hi to Bots More Often

You cannot escape machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The conversations with Siri, Google Now and Prisma are set to accentuate. Chat bots have become the new base of customer interactions for brands. Banking and retail sectors increasingly use AI-powered assistants to automate and execute mobile marketing strategies. Bots intelligently learn about their user’s behavior and preferences.

Without an iota of doubt, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to stir Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA), Smart Apps and Internet of Things (IoT) processes. It will empower companies to reach their customers easily with colloquial responses to drive interactions and sales.

Smart Banks in Pockets

The upsurge in mobile banking apps has been phenomenal. Adapting a ‘mobile-app’ approach is not just enough- but devising a successful mobile banking strategy forms an important cog in the wheel. Since 2016, there is a 33% decline in the number of branch visits in Bank of America. The branch-based approach is no longer driving growth. However, a superior user-experience in apps has substantially improved customer satisfaction and loyalty for banks. The differentiator for banks is to make a splash with the right technology partner to gain the competitive edge.

Locking it Well

Gartner says, 75% of mobile apps don’t pass basic security tests. Companies need to take extra care, as the security of their users’ information and confidential data remains undisputed. With the increase in banking and shopping transactions, apps with built-in security will be the need of the hour. Experienced mobile app development companies will continue to adapt for engaging and secured user experience through 2018.

Other eye-catching trends to follow are rising high to cloud-based mobile apps- as it fetches minimum space on your smart devices and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) by Google to enable isolated search index for mobile app pages.

Certainly, 2018 looks more enticing and full of innovative possibilities, if you want to be a disruptor. Well, how about a quick chat with your future-ready mobile technology development partner?

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