Flutter App Development: Best Framework that Dominates Mobile App Market

Flutter App Development: Best Framework That Dominates Mobile App Market

If you ask a product marketer about what kind of mobile application can dominate the market today, they would most probably say that no matter what domain the mobile application is, it should have these characteristics to become successful in the market:

  • Product that stays relevant to its users
  • Frequent updates with faster go-to-market
  • Complete customization
  • Constantly evolving product

The reason why these characteristics are required to make a mobile application successful in the long run is because of the current competitive market and the evolution of the Mobile Application market over the period of time. The dependency on the smartphone and mobile applications has increased such that people are literally living off their phones.

According to a study by global tech protection and support company Asurion, an average American citizen checks the phone every 12 minutes. Also, it is predicted that in 2020, mobile apps are projected to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising. So, there is a potential market, all you need is a mobile app development partner and a mobile application to capture your audience.

For the constant evolution of the application, developers had to work round the clock to deliver updates and enterprises had to spend a fortune to keep the application updated. But, because of such fast paced market conditions and evolving demands of mobile applications, there is one framework that has been doing some rounds in the mobile app development world. To satisfy such extreme development requirements of the marketers, developers are opting for Google’s Flutter mobile app development. The reason why Flutter app development has been a buzzword in the market is because it offers exactly what the market demands.

For you to gain better clarity, here’s how Flutter features can help get those desired characteristics in their mobile applications and has gained the spotlight as the most preferred mobile app development platform of 2019 and as well as the future:

Flutter’s Native Approach – to Stay Relevant

When you opt for Flutter app development, the platform offers enhanced performance of the mobile applications with its native approach. The available widgets on Flutter can incorporate all the critical platform differences like scrolling, navigation, icons and fonts.

Apart from that, Flutter also offers brand customization where you can modify the widgets based on your target audience and brand preference. Also, for those who are looking for mobile applications that are to be accessed by end-users of a specific geographic location or by users of common cultural background, Flutter has internationalized libraries that offers developers to build and modify the UIs of the application based on the preferred language, text and layout.

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Hot Reload and One Stop Solution Platform – For Faster go-to Market

Flutter has a virtual DOM that helps them store widget trees and apply changes only to the relative code in the tree. But, unlike other frameworks, Flutter has taken it a step further for iOS where they have introduced Ahead of Time (AOT) which gives developers to review changes instantly. It has managed to convert everything into a widget and where other reactive platforms have to use a JavaScript bridge to pass information from application to the platform- Flutter has its own widget platform so there is no need of the JavaScript Bridge. This makes Flutter app development, faster.

Apart from that, when developers opt for Flutter App Development, they don’t have to use multiple platforms for managing their application. Developers can use Flutter itself to develop, deploy and render changes to the application. They can also use it to allow other non-technical users to contribute and supervise the development making it a one stop solution platform.

Flutter’s Widget Library – For Better Customization

Although, Flutter has its own widget library and it is still in the developing stage, the platform already has plethora of widgets as the platform is used by Google too. Also, apart from that, Flutter allows third party development vendors and individuals to build and customize their own widgets and make it available for the market. Thus, even in future if Google shifts its attention from the platform, the development company that is undertaking Flutter app development can create and customise their own widgets.

Thus, not only one gets access to standard UI widgets that has high user acceptance probability to build their own customised widgets that are brand or industry focused.

Flutter 1.5 – Constantly Evolving Product

Not only is Google’s Flutter dominating the current mobile app development market, it seems that they are planning to retain their position in the market. The agenda is simple, “If you can’t innovate, your product will suffocate in competition”! Google understands this really well and are vigorously working on updating their platform.

For instance, they have already announced Flutter 1.5 where the platform will not only be the fastest and most effective UI toolkit for cross-platform mobile app development, but the same platform and the single codebase will be extended to other platforms as well.

Thus, in near future the developers will be able to build an application that can run on mobile, web, desktop and embedded products using the single codebase of Flutter. The new platform is already available in the market for early adopters to try and test the platform and with the kind of updates that we are witnessing right now; it seems that Flutter is here to stay and that too for long.

Thus, not only is the Mobile App Development industry evolving with the current fast-paced market demands, platforms like Flutter are providing a platform to the Enterprises and Developers to create technology solutions that are not just current blockbusters, but future ready as well!

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