9 Reasons why Radixweb is a top software company thanks to its people

Radixweb is a top software company thanks to its people

The ethos of a business, its soul, its most vital characteristic, is the foundational culture it is built upon, and business success depends on how well this culture is aligned with business and market needs as well as how accurately the enterprise’s people and its teams are able to present this culture to audiences.

Now culture happens to be word that is sometimes thrown about quite carelessly without the orator actually understanding the finer nuances of business that the word encapsulates. A company’s culture tells its people what to do when the CEO isn’t in the room and defines how a teammate would respond to an unprecedented request, how open the management is to new ideas and whether problems are hidden under the carpet to fester or brought out into the open to tackled proactively.

The prime reason behind Radixweb’s continued success as a top software development company is because we search for employees who not only fit the Skill-Bill (sic) but are also a cultural fit.

So how have our people fuelled our ascent to the top? Here are 9 reasons how our extraordinary people make us one of the software companies around.

1. Confidence

Confidence is crucial when it comes to business value. At Radixweb, our people are individuals with naturally high confidence levels, and we inculcate deep knowledge of our company’s capabilities to boost their confidence even further. Business operations can be uncertain at times, and in such times, the true Radixian spirit shines through. Our people don’t let themselves go down or wallow in inaction while worrying about an issue. Instead, they go forth confidently and address the issue with the best of their ability, put in the required effort, and conquer doubt and disruptions.

We believe confidence is contagious. If one team member is confident, it motivates the rest to battle adversity with positivity and self-belief.

2. Marketing/Selling Capabilities

Marketing and Selling capabilities are integral to business success. Radixians stand in a class apart in externally marketing our products and services while internally supporting the innovative ideas they come up with. We encourage a data-driven approach towards all communication, whether internal or external. Our people have built up our brands not only by superlative marketing and sales strategies but also by skillsets and capabilities to match promises made.

3. Communication

Communication skills are yet another arrow in a Radixian’s quiver. At Radixweb, our people are lucid, multilingual, compelling communicators who efficiently shoulder the responsibility of representing Radixweb in global arenas. As part of its agenda of adding value to its employees, Radixweb’s new office is designed in a manner that prioritizes free-flowing communication across employees, departments, and layers of management.

Our people make it a point to reach out to clients and stakeholders with the required information in succinct, easy-to-understand, jargon-free language that is not only informative and inclusive but also endearing and fosters a personal attachment between stakeholders and our brand.

Transparent Communication

4. Thought Leadership

The ability to take the initiative and drive positive business outcomes is highly valued at Radixweb. Our people are encouraged to first report to themselves and then upwards, allowing only the very best efforts and ideas to reach the production phase.

Thought leadership and the ability to take responsibility are elements that we search for and encourage among our people, enabling us to chart the perfect trajectory towards deliverables with world-class output.

5. Proactive Initiators

At Radixweb, we look for people who can effortlessly direct and control situations without waiting for something to happen. This is how we sift out proactive initiators from the rest. Our people, across departments and functions, are frontline doers, their actions bolstered even further with well-calculated steps and undaunted efforts even in the face of uncertainty and market instability.

Having proactive initiators in our teams has contributed significantly to our consistent successes in providing value to our partners and clients while building transformative solutions that constantly push the boundaries of what is possible.

6. Negotiation Skills

In business, a win-win situation is always desired. Negotiation skills facilitate such events by smoothening out speed-bumps and obstacles to efficient operations. At Radixweb, Radixians are trained to be good negotiators, empowered by supportive management and operational flexibility.

Our people are individuals who engage in business interactions only after preparing, discussing, setting goals, and most importantly, being empathetic towards the person at the other end of the table before settling upon a course of action.

7. Learning skills

A mission-critical element of being a Radixians is the ability and willingness to learn. Our teams are populated by resources who keep close tabs on market movements, sales strategies, and infrastructural developments with an eye for detail and a burning desire to ‘know.’

We respect knowledge and experience, yet we are a team of people willing to empty their cups, learn, unlearn, and re-learn every day.

GreatLearning skills

8. Technical Skills

Technologies, at least in the software development sphere, are constantly evolving, and our people at Radixweb pride themselves on being up-to-date and proficient in every new technology or trend that enters the industry. A Radixian is an individual who knows what product and services are trending, which market to enter, and a finger on the customer’s pulse.

Radixweb offers regular training to keep employees in step with the times. That being said, our people do not depend on us to build up their tech skills, even though we are right there to support them. Radixians can easily be spotted given their experimental bent of mind and skillsets poised at the cutting edge of technology.

9. Management skills

Management may seem flashy and glamorous, but years of hard work and dedication precedes every manager at Radixweb. Radixians join us at all levels of the hierarchy, and part of our responsibility towards our people is to build them up as future managers. To that end, Radixians and encouraged to possess and subsequently work on their management skills.

Delegation is an art, and part of being a manager is to motivate teams towards a common goal while utilizing their unique skillsets to optimal levels.

Radixians are people who lead by example. It is their work that inspires the team to bring their best to the project at hand. With a perfect work-life balance, Radixians gain the respect of clients and stakeholders and keep the morale and motivation of their teams high by being an ideal of achievement.

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Summing up

In the modern world, work is often perceived as alienating, exploitative and homogenizing. At Radixweb, we have changed the game by making sure that work for us is liberating and empowering. Ours is a workplace where achievement defines employees, a workplace where courage and determination is rewarded and hurdles are always approached with positivity and optimism.

No one wants mediocrity, yet many service providers today risk being labeled mediocre just because they take action without the proper groundwork at an employee level. The secret of our success and the efficiency levels of our people is the fact that we at Radixweb understand our people’s value, nurture it and help them grow into the best version of themselves making us a formidable competitor in the global market. An indomitable spirit burns within every Radixian, and we are lucky to call these extraordinary people our team. Check out our current openings to join our vibrant team that makes a difference.

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Sarrah Pitaliya is a senior digital marketing manager at Radixweb to precisely navigate strategy for growth, build marketing capabilities, align the organization around customer experience and mentor teams about new digital, social, mobile channels and customer opportunities. Apart from work, she is a fitness freak and coffee connoisseur.