Happy Hours at Radixweb – Edition 6

Happy Hours at Radixweb Edition 6

Hello Lovely People 💙

Radixians month has arrived! Yes, it’s the birthday month of Radixweb 🤩. We are celebrating our 21 on this 21st July. And we are super excited about this!

We are growing – not only with the team but also with our dedication and intelligence.

With experience comes great responsibilities and confidence. Radixweb understands the value of sheer commitment towards business continuity and continuous innovation.

Thus, this year our theme of the RxConfab 2021 is “Continuous Innovation” ♾

Getting Prepared for the RXConfab

For Radixians, Confab is no less than a festival. We are always eagerly waiting for this event to take place. Still, few weeks are left for the event to commence, and the people of Radixweb have already started their preparation.


This year it’s going to be a bit different kind of celebration. For the safety of every Radixian, we’ll be celebrating virtually. But the enthusiasm and energy level if even more this time. 😎

A still from our exclusive interview session of Dhawal taken by Jigar

Interview Session of Dhawal

Dhawal would be telling his journey and life at Radixweb.. so stay tuned till the full video is live on our socials (PS : Don’t forget to follow Radixweb, our social handles). Dhawal answers some thoughtful and interesting questions that you’d love to hear.

Birthday of Project Manager

Atri's Birthday

Wishing you a day filled with no reports, deadlines, or stress. Atri, you’ve done a lot for the team and Radixweb. BTW if you guys have noticed – Atri was part of my previous post (i.e. Edition-5). 😁

Vinit and Mayur completed SIX

Vinit and Mayur completed 6 Years

Both opening batsmen hits SIX

Yeah, you got it right! Vinit and Mayur, our star player of RPL (Radix Premier League), completed 6 years of association with Radixweb. ✨

You already know Mayur quite well; he was mentioned in the very first edition of the Happy Hour series.

To introduce Vinit, he’s the coolest manager and creative developer of the mobile application. Vinit has a superpower of creating a family-like bond with anyone he interacts 😁

Mighty Eight Year of Zalak🌟

Zalak completed 8 Years

From the time when Zalak was introduced to the coding world – he knew there are endless opportunities yet to be grabbed. He found his passion and started upgrading his skills in different programming languages.

Zalak has a firm grip on Dotnet technology and now helps his client and team members optimize the code for more effective output.👨🏻💻

We wish you a good time with us – your hard work and creativity are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for being part of making life at Radix more fun and continuous learning.

That’s it for this Week 😄

Yeah, I know this was short, and I had to wrap up this edition a bit quickly; as you all know, everyone, including me, is busy with the biggest event of Radixweb. If you are not aware of how we celebrate, check out the video I’ve attached below.

From our culture to our creative and innovative skillset, everything is showcased in the RXConfab. Isn’t that great? Well, even while writing this edition, I feel excited about the event and stunning celebrations.😍

So stay tuned!

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