Happy Hours at Radixweb – Edition 5

Happy Hours At Radixweb Edition 5

I wondered why it feels like I’m writing this post after a long time. 🙄

Then I reminisced that we all experienced the summer solstice or, in simple terms – the longest day of the year (i.e. 21st June). 😮

But our HR team had got some surprises planned to make the longest day memorable.

For our new readers who are not aware of this series of Happy Hours, you can check previous versions.

Radixians flexed their muscles for the occasion of International Yoga Day 🤸🏻♂️

International Yoga Day Celebration At Radixweb

Like with a tweak and adjustment in coding, the software operates more efficiently – Yoga and exercise make our body stay active, healthy, and mind strong.

Being at your desk in the same posture for prolonged hours affects the neck, back, and shoulder muscles. The refreshing yoga day celebrations made us realize how important it is for us to keep a check on our health. 😕 Because the next day, many of my friends said that they are having body twinge due to yoga asanas 😂

The Yoga session was entertaining, inventive, and calming. And the happiness on our faces made it all worthwhile.

Maitri completed stupendous 6 years

Maitri completed 6 years

It isn’t easy to stay in one spot for an extended period. Perhaps the word “tough” wasn’t in your dictionary, and you’ve sailed beside us through the good and challenging times. Happy Work Anniversary Maitri! ✨

People who are yet to know Maitri, here’s a quick introduction. She’s a Project Lead of the .NET team and specializes in Azure SQL, Web API, C# plus VB.NET, team management, and much more.

She dreamt of becoming a chef during her school days. But destiny made her tech-geek 👩🏻💻.

Although for the treat, we want either your delicious hand-made pancakes 🥞or sizzling pasta you decide.

Atri celebrated his 8th Work Anniversary

Atri celebrated his 8th Work Anniversary

You have played a vital role in Radixweb’s growth and success. We will be eternally grateful for your dedication and enthusiasm. Thank you for being with us. Wishing you a happy work anniversary!

Atri is Sr. Project Manager who helps clients achieve success in software projects related to .Net technology. There were many instances where his client praised Atri for unmatched performance by his team.✅ He’s also known for his team-management skills and creating efficient project strategies.

While Atri is off work, he usually likes to go on hiking or road-trip to mountain valleys. He’s a hard-core Sherlock fan, so don’t get amazed if you found him telling you things that you thought no one would care or notice. 😆

Birthdayyy of Ashvini

Birthdayyy of Ashvini

Ashvini, our skilled software analyst, celebrated her born day this week. Our best wishes to you, tech-girl😀 – It’s a pleasure to work with you; may all your dreams come true.

Since her childhood, Ashvini loved how the technology worked and generated ideas to make it more effective. This interest lead her to become a software analyst in our PHP team.

Regardless of any day (whether it’s long or short), life at Radixweb is always jam-packed with an experience you can’t find elsewhere 🤗. You can even ask your friends who are associated with Radixweb about the happening time we spend together.

Great to have you, on-board Rahul 😀

Rahul Shekhavat Joined Radixweb

Rahul joined our team this week. He’s an excellent PHP developer who can create flawless software applications. While Rahul is not using his mind in coding, you can find him traveling in the woods. He loves wandering in the deep forests and adores nature a lot. Watching Anime series is another hobby of Rahul.

We are steadily growing

Radixweb Keeps Growing

It’s heartwarming to see our team grow🎈. Back in the 2000’s when the Radixweb was established – it had a small team with a greater mindset, and now as we have come this far (more than two decades) – we are soon going to mark a team size of 500+🤩

People who are not yet part of our team and wish to be – then check out our current openings. Radixweb is looking to expand its talented team.

Ohh, wait, I forgot to mention that we’re less than a month away to celebrate our Birthday! 🎊 Yessss, Radixweb’s 21st.

Last year, we were not able to celebrate as situations didn’t allow us. 🙄 However this time we want to tell everyone that celebrations are ON! 😎 Of course, somethings will be new than in the past years (keeping the safety of every Radixians in mind).

But we assure you that all the fun of Confab (the term of Radixweb’s Anniversary) every Radixians is awaiting since last year is just a few days away.💥

Xcellence in everything we do is our motto. And that was our theme last year.

Memories Of Rxconfab 2020

To know this year’s RxConfab theme, you have to wait a bit more 🔜

Till then Hasta la vista🖐🏻.. I hope you enjoyed this edition!

Leaving you with some nostalgic and fun memories of Radixweb’s last year’s confab…

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