Story of Techie Fresher, Who Found Her Way to Radixweb

Problem-solving attitude, doing tasks with minimal effort, and perfection are all necessary skills when anyone thinks of becoming a coder. Ekta was no different. Even today, after being in the tech domain for almost a decade, Ekta tries to find innovative ways to experiment with her coding.

Ekta aspired to learn more about real-world software applications and how they can benefit global businesses. Thus she learned more about logical programming.

Currently, she leads the PHP team for multiple projects, and her focus continues to be on innovating and planning strategies for creating flawless software.

To move ahead with the story of Ekta Mehta, we asked her few questions and how she spends her time at Radixweb.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in a small town, my father is a Civil Engineer, and my mother is a homemaker. I have one younger sister and a brother. For our better education and life, my parents decided to move to Ahmedabad. My sister is M.D Dermatologist. My hobbies are music, shopping, surfing, traveling and ofcourse coding.

Can you tell us your journey from Fresher to Sr. Tech Lead at Radixweb?

Well, this is quite an interesting question. Because this journey has been a roller coaster ride for me, and I’m still enjoying it.

During my initial days, I was deployed on a project that was a startup. The client had complex requirements. However, our whole team ensured that all the criteria presented by the clients are fulfilled. And the best thing about that project is that client is still associated with us.

After getting success in that project, I was appointed in another one which was a big enterprise. I faced many challenges, although the project was completed successfully after doing research and getting help from my fellow Radixians.

Slowly and gradually, I was promoted to different roles, and today I lead a team of skilled minds.

Adding one more point in my journey with Radixweb, I’d like to mention that I found the two best relationships at Radixweb. One relation is my love for technology, and the other ended up in marriage. 😊

Can you share an instance that you love the most about Radixweb?

Expectant women have traditionally been hesitant to inquire about their employer’s maternity leave policy for fear of being ostracized or viewed as less devoted to work. Many women are concerned about being “mommy tracked” at work, resulting in a demotion or removal from a leadership position. As a result, it’s been challenging for women to learn about their employers’ maternity leave policies.

However, Radixweb’s approach is always people-first. Things are different and employee-friendly. Being an expecting mother, I notified the management about my health condition. And they proactively helped me in the process.

I enjoyed great comfort during the process. After resuming the work, everything was super smooth, I was given the leadership position back to work with my lovely team.

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What made you first get interested in technology?

How Ekta fell in love with technology

Since my schooling days, I have been curious about how mobile phones could make calls just by tapping few keys. Being in a small town, mobiles and computers were considered magic machines in the late ’90s. I always asked my dad how this could be possible and how a small device could make calls wirelessly to others.

Seeing this interest, my father suggested me to go for an engineering domain. And thus, I started my studies to become an IT engineer – the rest is history.

Do you remember your interview and the questions that were asked?

Yes, how can I forget that day? It was and is still the most memorable day to date. I had just got my graduation certificate, and the very next week, I got an email regarding the fresher’s walk-in for PHP. I had the expertise and loved coding in PHP; also, my final year project was based on PHP – so without giving a second thought, I filled the form.

I remember my interview day, as I came here in walk-in of freshers and we were almost 100+ candidates. With so many people willing to join the company, it made me a bit anxious. Although within a moment, it went away when I met some friendly people at Radixweb.

The interview consisted of 3 rounds:

  • Aptitude Test
  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Personal Interview (PI)

and it was finished on the same day only with one small samosa treat by Radix. From that day only I had decided to join this company, because the culture at Radixweb was totally different, jam-packed with fun and learning.

How was your first day at Radixweb?

For anyone their first day at a company plays a major role. It gives you the sense of the feeling that how your upcoming workdays would be. For me, my 1st day at Radix was super exciting. I was introduced to my team or more accurately my friends. Everyone welcomed me and introduced themselves, what work they do, how they celebrate and have fun at work, and much more.

Then HR took us ( we were a batch of 15 freshers) for the induction process. We were taught about the company policy and then a tour of Radix infrastructure. Once the induction was done, I did my first lunch with my peers, sharing food and jokes.

What was the greatest challenge you faced in your career with Radixweb? How did you overcome it?

I found the greatest challenge in Database migration while upgrading bigger and old projects, which I have overcome by exploring a new methodology of migration of the database.

Not only this, after few months of my onboarding, I was deployed on a client project. In that, I had to work on enhancing website loading speed. Initially, I face many issues and was looking for a solution. Then, an idea clicked in my mind, and I overcame the issue by integrating and utilizing some optimized method of logic integration with the website.

What kind of training did you receive?

Our training was full of knowledge, and we were the first batch with whom Radix started giving training of PHP, which was really good and insightful. Although we were the first batch for the training sessions, the trainers were highly skilled and ensured a shallow learning curve.

Apart from the technical training we also attended soft skills sessions. And I must say Radixweb never fails when it comes to effective communication. Thus experts were summoned to provide extensive soft skill training that helps trainees acquire effective business communication skillsets.

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What advice would you give to aspiring Radixians?

Ekta’s Advice for young Radixians

Just be yourself, don’t try to hide your doubts or any issue, just show up with enthusiasm. People here at Radixweb deeply understand what you’re going through. And after spending 9+ years of my life at Radixweb, I can say this is the best place to showcase and nurture your skills.

Don’t get discouraged by failures. At Radix, people look at failures as a path to success. If you’re passionate about the work you do, just stay strong and keep moving. Everything else will fall into its place eventually.

So are you someone who loves coding and wants to innovate something everyday – just like Ekta and his team? Then we’re looking for individuals like you. Check our current openings and see how you can enhance your technical ability by joining Radixweb.

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