A day in the life of a Software Trainee at Radixweb

A Day In the Life of a Radixweb Software Trainee

At Radixweb, a top Software company in Ahmedabad, development is our playing field and has been so for the last 20 years. In all this time, we have been focused on two things – our productivity and on those who contribute to it, our employees, the real heroes in this story. And mind you, no hero goes unsung at Radixweb.

Software development is a discipline that carries as many myths as legends. So. we’ve taken a peek backstage to give you an insider’s look at a typical workday for a software trainee at Radixweb

The Mornings

The workday begins, but not before an animated discussion about the previous night’s Netflix binge or cricket match or the latest news or maybe all three. At Radixweb, we work in agile development teams that include roughly 5 to 10 people. We work on .NET, PHP, Magento, Android, IOS, Laravel, and many more frameworks, technologies, and tools. To put it simply, you name it; we work on it. Basically, a cutting-edge tech stack that incorporates both frontend, backend as well as the design and strategy aspects of software development to play with.

Everyone on the dev team takes on the tasks that have been assigned by their manager, followed by a short session to assess progress. These would typically involve a stand-up meeting of 10-15 minutes where the trainees update their manager of the progress they have made and any roadblocks they have hit, also what they’re going to be doing that day. Don’t worry, Radixweb doesn’t forget birthdays! Nor do we stint on trips and outings. And yes, our binge-watchers love discussing shows and movies in their free time. It’s a treat to watch people bond over reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and reminisce about the good old days of Game of Thrones.

A software trainee’s day can easily be compared to solving a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces are right there. They just need to be fitted in their own unique groove.

The Grind

Now it’s time for some smart work. A software trainee’s day might break down as follows:

10:00 am: Come in, check emails, arrange short, medium, and long-term to-do lists, organize meetings

11:00 am: Stand-up meeting, coordinate the day and organize collaborations. All meetings have a feedback session which is honest yet always constructive. Our aim is to make our employees feel good about their work.

Our flexibility is something we have pride in. An inclusive, transparent, and open work culture is just one of the many bonuses for an employee at Radixweb.

Then it’s into project work: A trainee would then carry out coding, problem-solving, and development. At various points, the trainee can either ask for or give advice. The modes of communications at Radixweb are Skype, Email, Zoom, Jira, Confluence, Slack, and every professional’s trusted buddy, Teams. A software trainee is also supposed to check his mail regularly. Sometimes when there is an issue or lack of clarity on how to take things forward, the Managers might take the trainees to one of our numerous meeting pods and then diagram and work out a solution.

After a solution is found, a “change request” or “pull request” summarising changes proposed is sent upwards. While all of this is going on, cups of piping hot chai are shared in abound. If you aren’t a chai person and have five minutes to spare, our cafeteria serves one of the best hot chocolate you will ever taste.

This brings the Software trainees’ day to their much-awaited lunch break. Bon Appetit Radixians!

Radixweb Software Trainees


When launching a new project, a trainee is given a list of requirements, and then he is to create a design document. This is basically a 2-3 page doc describing the problem and proposed solution. A software trainee would then propose his approach towards the issue and would discuss other alternatives. He would then pitch it to the manager for approval. For bigger issues or projects, a trainee gets the go-ahead before he starts and thus knows that he is taking an approved approach.
After the trainee has worked on the features, he would then collaborate with the team to deploy the project to production. But prior to this, rigorous testing is the norm. We at Radixweb have only smiles of commiseration for the statement- “It works on my system.” At Radixweb, one of the top software development companies in Ahmedabad, all managers across teams have a hands-on approach towards their teams and are well-versed, seasoned experts in their own right. After a little hand-holding and feedback from their managers, the software trainee is now ready with his part of the project. Time for chai again!

End of Day

After the regular eight and a half hours, it is time for the software trainee to stretch his back and head home. Sometimes, however, when it is the much dreaded “crunch time” for projects, a software trainee might have to work late till the day’s tasks are done. Just as before, don’t worry. Hearty, wholesome conversations await the trainee if he has a minute to spare.

To sum it up, a software trainee’s day can easily be compared to solving a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces are right there. They just need to be placed into their own unique groove.

Summing Up Software trainee's Life at Radixweb

Interested in being a Radixian?

Radixweb is a team of 450+ domain experts with the common goal of serving its clients with transformative software. With over 4900+ projects successfully deployed for a customer base spread across 25 countries, our Radixians have made Radixweb a force to be reckoned with. With the intuitive work-life balance at Radixweb, we eliminate employee burnout while maximizing productivity thus delivering excellence every time.

So if you too wish to join a company that not only adds value to your career but allows you the flexibility of having fun while doing so, then Radixweb is the place for you. If you are a differentiator who can analyze, understand, explain and articulate information and then turn it into working code, then you are who we are looking for.

With a people-oriented, performance-driven ethos, Radixweb welcomes freshers bursting with new ideas and passionate about code. Accelerate your career with on-the-job training and ample opportunities for growth for the meritorious. Radixweb recognizes the value each individual brings to the table, and there is no better place to begin your career as a fresher.

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If you wish to begin your career in software development and receive all the perks that come with working for a company that values your commitment, drive, and passion, then feel free to get in touch with us. Radixweb invites you to be a part of our culture and mission to create world-class software development and business automation solutions to drive digital transformations and forge lasting value-based partnerships.

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