Diversity and Inclusion- Twin Pillars at Radixweb

Diversity and Inclusion at Radixweb

When asked to define an organization’s culture, the unmonitored actions of its workforce and the mindset they carry come to the forefront. As a leading firm in the IT-sphere, Radixweb attributes its successes to its people. Each individual, as the lifeblood of the organization, brings a unique set of skills to the table. This uniqueness, this individuality, is what makes up the core of Radixweb.

For over the past two decades, Radixweb has nurtured a sense of belonging amongst our people. Deeply committed to nurturing a culture of inclusion across racial, generational, and gender biases, Radixweb celebrates diversity and inclusion in all its numerous forms.

Radixweb has consistently strived to be an organization where an employee can be their authentic self; a place where he is appreciated for his uniqueness, without the fear of being judged or ostracized.

The foundation of our culture rests on the points that follow.

Appreciation for Diversity

Diversity is inherently diverse. It could pertain to race, gender, or generation, but the underlying ethos is that diversity does not segregate but instead integrates differences to create an amalgamation that brings out the best in every individual.

Diversity could also be measured in terms of skillsets, which is why Radixweb has a strong upskilling/cross-skilling program that allows employees to break departmental silos and function in a cohesive, collaborative way.

Radixweb has a no-door policy and a flat hierarchy where everyone is welcome to speak up and rest assured that they are heard, their viewpoint is appreciated, and their opinions matter.

Our team is committed to building every employee into a visionary leader who can look beyond presumptions and biases to clearly understand ‘who’ the person in front of him actually is.

Radixweb believes in building a meritocracy where achievements matter, not race or gender. What takes the forefront is a culture of positive reinforcement, support, and a strong emphasis on building a ‘glocal’ mindset.

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No Glass Ceiling

Radixweb believes that gender stereotypes belong in the recycle bin. The world is now awake to the strength and perseverance of women.

Radixweb understands that in every social setup, a woman must possess the equal, if not greater, emotional availability as a man. This is why we make sure that our ladies are provided with all the flexibility and opportunities their male counterparts get. Radixweb is proud to state that it sports a strong female quotient in the directorial board and senior management.

Integrity Matters

This may seem far-fetched, but building a culture of integrity can do wonders for diversity and inclusion acceptance levels. It is very easy to criticize but very difficult to offer constructive feedback. Leadership and managerial roles demand individuals with an innate sense of integrity in every aspect of their lives.

Only a person without anything to hide can be his authentic self, which is critical to opening up to understand the twin concepts of diversity and inclusion. Radixweb views its team as a collective consciousness that cares for the company just as the company cares for its people.

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Innovation Everywhere

Not only does Radixweb foster continuous innovation as a culture when directed outwards to client projects, but the same ideology is also directed inwards. Our new infrastructure – Ekyarth has played a vital role in instilling a sense of pride among our people. Digressing from enterprise infrastructure (which happens to be a crucial element), Radixweb’s ideology of innovation directed within is one of the core reasons the companies’ attrition rate is much lower than the industry average.

Radixweb believes that a happy employee is a productive employee. The company considers individuality, offers multiple collaboration opportunities across teams, delegates projects based upon skill set, and allows every employee to not only work on what he does best but also try his hand at new tasks, making the word ‘monotony’ passe when it comes to a workday at Radixweb.

Working in an inclusive and stress-free environment allows you to grow exponentially. And knowing the fact that the organization has great values and will always be there to help makes me feel very contented with the culture we have cultivated. – Radixian

The Human Element

Radixweb is an organization that upholds the physical and emotional safety and well-being of our employees. Mutual respect and accountability for one’s actions are held paramount at our workplace. In accordance with our values of nurturing a safe space for all our employees, we have zero tolerance for verbal or psychological assault.

With our goal of employee safety and eliminating every vestige of gender bias, our HR T&D action plan includes identifying barriers, increasing awareness, and achieving behavioural evolution while offering a perfectly aligned work life balance.

Summing Up

Radixweb believes that every day we come to work, we make a difference, and for us that change, that difference starts within each Radixian. Whether we work from on-prem or from diverse geolocations, the Radixian spirit pushes us to strive every day and push boundaries by delivering game-changing solutions. We believe in making a difference with tech and what tech can do for you, but most of all, we believe in our people and stand in absolute solidarity across generational, gender, and racial diversity. If you are looking to grow your career path, then Radixweb awaits.

We thrive on a culture that champions diversity, belonging, and inclusion among our teams resulting in world-class outputs in everything we put our minds to. Radixweb questions the norm and ventures boldly into the realm of all that an empowered and unjudged employee can achieve. Our focus has, is, and continues to be on building upon our culture of diversity and inclusion to nurture a happier, more fulfilled, and subsequently more productive workforce.

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