CRM Based Data Integration Application

CRM Based Data Integration Application

It is quite difficult to store and manage customer data manually. As we all know “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”, for the precise management of customer data IT industry has developed a model called Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It allows users to accomplish various business processes of operation, collaboration and analytics.

Basic idea for CRM is to store and manage customer data for future business opportunities. Maintain contacts, clients, contracts, marketing activities, sales practices, etc. by using CRM. But it provides facility of data storage and management but not data integration. Radix has developed an application that integrates CRM data with third party software.

Simplified solution offering is the benchmark of Radix. Having the skillset of all technologies we develop and deliver highly scalable and dynamic business centric web solutions.

We have developed a DotNet based web application that offers integration between online accounting software and CRM database. This combination improves data accuracy with updated details. Before developing CRM based data integration application, our DotNet experts have analyzed challenges for building an application that is compatible with all MS Dynamics CRMs.

Business Challenges

  • Building an application having integration between database and third party software
  • Functionality extension of CRM with new design and development to simplify processes
  • Integration of a third party accounting software that decreases the complexity of order management
  • Applying data synchronization between CRM and accounting software for updation
  • Creating immediate effect of each action in CRM as well as accounting software
  • Deciding the activities performed by application to smoothen business processes

Radix Approach

Having extensive experience to work with DotNet technology, we can develop advanced web solutions by using various frameworks, content management systems, COTS customization, and enterprise services of DotNet. Generally, enterprises use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have decided to develop a DotNet based application to integrate the database.

After analyzing requirements, we started focusing and bifurcating scopes of project. To develop CRM based data integration application development, our developers have undergone the process that include

  • Meeting with actual users of CRM from different business and industry domains
  • Examined difficulties during updation and transformation of customer data
  • Evaluated of processes those have to be included in the application between CRM and third party software
  • Studied various third party accounting software to select the most suitable one
  • Identified features and functionalities that have to be included to run processes smoothly from both the end
  • Developed and integrated a secured and tested application for quick data updation at CRM

Solution Offering

Once analysis completed, our team of experienced DotNet developers has carried out the development and designing of application. This application reduces client’s costing for owing separate licenses of MS Dynamic CRM and QuickBooks accounting software for each CRM user. With CRM base data integration application multiple users can use same CRM solution across the enterprise. The application decreases user’s turn around time and simplify various business processes.

Have a look to various functionalities, features and benefits offered by the application developed by experienced programmers of Radix.


Functionalities that are integrated in CRM based application development include

QuickBooks Integration

It is accounting software integrated by us to manage online payment records of customers. Our application integrates CRM with QuickBooks and helps in managing customer payment details at both the ends.

Synchronization of CRM & QuickBooks

Our CRM based data integration application creates synchronization amid CRM and QuickBooks. For example: if customer has paid invoice amount the status will be updated at QuickBooks and CRM as well. Now there is no need for manual data upgradation from your accounting software to CRM.

Application Performance

The application has advanced development that performs three major actions. They are

  • Automatic invoice creation by system
  • Checking of invoice by CSR and sending it to customers
  • Invoice posting at online QuickBooks

These functionalities decrease manual processes and save the time of CRM users.

Data Updation

When payment details are updated in QuickBooks it creates automatic effect at CRM. So CRM data is also updated along with the accounting software. User can view updated status of customer details.
Moreover, the application has payment gateway integration to make online payment possible.


With the application user can performs various activities that start from data consuming to CRM customization. Let’s have understanding of all of them.

Data Consuming: Application helps users to use CRM data into QuickBooks and vice versa.

Data Posting: Data posting is taken place once the invoices are generated automatically in CRM and posted in QuickBooks.

CRM Data Management: Like CRM user can also manage customer data by using CRM based data integration application.

CRM Customization: Our application is compatible with customize CRM too having highly complex functionalities.

Integration: The application provides direct integration of CRM and QuickBooks using Soap base web services. It also contains API integration of online QuickBooks.


  • Reduce manual processes
  • Streamline various business processes
  • Improve accuracy of data
  • Quick updation of data at CRM and QuickBooks
  • Reduce license cost of QuickBooks and MS Dynamic CRM

Our CRM based data integration application can be used by all enterprises from different industry verticals.

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