11 Great Reasons Businesses Should Go for MS Dynamics CRM

11 Great Reasons Businesses Should Go For MS Dynamics CRM

What is Microsoft dynamics 365?

The combination of ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), and AI tools is defined as Microsoft dynamic 365 CRM. It is a cloud-based business application platform that is available in business and enterprise editions.

Dynamic 365 encompasses several beneficial features and productivity applications that enable the users to get a view of data, reports, inventory, transactions, etc., along with predictive insight tools.

According to a recent survey, it is stated that 91% of businesses with at least 11 employees are now using CRM software.

Importance and Benefits of Microsoft dynamics 365 for CRM

In the past few years, updated MS Dynamics CRM 2016 features have helped the businesses a lot to be much more productive and knowledgeable. This extended core functionality of CRM caters to enhanced tools to revolutionize their industries. Here are a few of its benefits that will make your business effective and aligned with customers, employees, partners, etc.

1. The key benefit of applying Microsoft dynamic 365 is that all the MS products such as Skype for Business, Outlook, Office 365, Windows Server, SharePoint, Exchange Server, Power BI, and PowerApps are associated with it and offer significant help in corporate works.

2. Its user interface is quite intuitive and user friendly.

3. Allows flexibility along with reduced costs makes the enterprises customize as much as they want.

4. Their built-in tool enhances the efficiency and productivity of an enterprise. These tools incorporate Relationship assistant and SNAP (sales navigator application platform).

Customer retention and customer engagement are the keys to business success for any organization. However, it is not a miracle that happens in minutes. It can be earned by executing several strategies right from selecting the suitable CRM platform, identifying the right CRM consulting Services to tailoring it to your business specific need.

Looking at these aspects, MS dynamics CRM proves to be the ideal choice as it delivers the incredible scope of customization, flexibility, mobility, and more to help your business offer an exceptional customer experience.


Reasons to Consider MS Dynamics CRM

1. Customization

Although MS Dynamics is already an innovative Microsoft platform, organizations need more advanced development to make it perfect for their bespoke needs. Tailored MS CRM automates different departmental processes and makes it smoother. Based on developer-friendly programming language .Net, it is relatively easy to develop and implement hi-tech functions for MS dynamics CRM.

2. Mobility

In MS dynamics CRM 2016, you can enjoy managing your customer-facing task on the go. The MS CRM system is accessible from any handy devices like mobile or tablet with full offline mobile capabilities. Microsoft is offerings next-generation mobile CRM for iOS, Windows, and android platforms.

Mobile compatibility of MS CRM helps organizations leverage improved personnel productivity with easy set up without any middleware components installation.

3. Extensibility

Facilitate your sales force with the ultra-modern dynamics CRM to manage their work smartly and effectively. It is highly extensible in terms of features and functions to meet your frequently changing industry needs.

Lead the market and stay competitive with a responsive and extensible MS CRM platform. Attain growth, drive change and expand the business using brilliant competencies of dynamics CRM.

4. Business Intelligence

One of the incredible elements of Microsoft CRM dynamics is analytic business intelligence. Being embedded with a Microsoft SQL server, it is capable of creating compelling data reports.

Its immense power of in-depth and keen data analysis, inline data presentation, and customized reports help organizations make quick and efficient business decisions.

5. Flexibility

Integrate MS CRM with your existing systems to streamline the current business processes. It also permits for 3rd party software integration to extend its capacity and generate robust performance. Being a Microsoft product, it supports configuration with Microsoft Office too.

Microsoft facilitates organizations to implement MS CRM with any selected options from online, cloud, or hybrid. Thus, this platform is quite flexible to get connected with isolated systems and legacy business applications.

6. Productivity

Sets your business aside by satisfying an organization’s emerging needs and improving customer engagement with MS CRM. Access the full dynamics CRM in an online and offline mode from a different device to accomplish a job.

Configuration with outlook gives MS CRM power by managing massive information related to customers, sales calls, leads, marketing pitches, etc. Seamless synchronization of different process enhancement operational productivity and efficiency.

7. Security

To prevent information leakage issues, Microsoft dynamics CRM is continuously updating its security standards. It allows organizations to deliver the right information to the right person.

As per roles and responsibilities, people across the organization need access to limited information. System administrators can easily segregate the data and deliver it to the respective person through Web or Outlook.

8. Intuitive User Interface

Due to a user-friendly interface, MS Dynamics CRM is being used by fortune 500 companies to SMEs. Being a part of the Microsoft portfolio reflects the UI familiarity like other Microsoft products. The MS CRM interface’s significant advantage is its compatibility with mobile platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS.

9. Communication

Allow your workforce to perform their sales and marketing job smartly by using the enhanced feature of offline communication. Your staff can interact with customers from the office or on the road, with or without internet connectivity.

The sales team can filter the required information like sales figures, meet updates, etc., as per their requirements. This single software caters to a common platform for sales executives to interact with management and customers.

10. Customer Service Benefits

Improve customer satisfaction by delivering them in time services. Microsoft Dynamics CRM support reduces the chances to miss the clients’ calls or messages, or emails regarding their sufferings. It offers a centralized platform where all system users can see customer service requests and service professionals’ calendars. Even it helps customers and service calls to get connected with the right service personnel.

11. Affordability

This factor affects a lot while making a decision either to go for ms dynamics pricing or not. However, be assured, it will be a minimum investment into a maximum profit earning for your business.

Improve your bottom line with innovative offerings such as sales gamification, social engagement, InsideView, field services, etc.

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