Cloud Computing is an Ace of Spades to Streamline your Business

Cloud Computing Is An Ace Of Spades To Streamline Your Business

In most game of cards, Ace of Spades is the card that can cause most disruption. This year we are witnessing an ace trend, Clouds- the most innovative technologies till date.

It is strange- but yes, we are all trying to be on “Cloud” right now. Cloud computing is a disruptive innovation for businesses by providing the backbone support as a centralized system. What is the need of the hour? To streamline this innovative trend in the best way for businesses to stay ahead and grow virtually.

With Internet of Things and Big Data being the key drivers, 92% of everything we do will be on the Cloud by 2020. Also, as per a report by Cisco, Public Cloud Computing is growing at a rate of 50% annually.

The global public cloud market will grow to $146 billion in 2017, from just $87 billion in 2015

Following the technology advancements, many companies have started to streamline their operations on cloud. To ensure stability while facing a tough competition, these cloud systems help you as a shared pool of configurable computing resources. It is necessary to understand the USP’s for each type of cloud computing services and how it can provide the best business specific solutions to store, process and access data using remote servers hosted on the internet.

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How Cloud Computing Transforms Businesses?

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Cloud is a trustworthy platform and known for its consistent performance. Once the business is moved on cloud, it can function by 24/7 seamlessly. Expert cloud service providers are also quick to respond and resolve bugs- that facilitate smooth operations

Flexibility and Agility

Requirements and tools for engagement vary from business to business. Cloud computing offers a flexible environment in terms of bandwidth to match the market demand fluctuations. Operation agility allows businesses to scale bandwidth based on the engagement and facilitates well planned resource management.

Availability and Accessibility

Using a cloud computing network makes business available at any time anywhere. Utilization of the interesting features like Work from Home and BYOD provide a comfortable working experience to cloud users. Constraints like use of chosen device and physical availability of the resources can be met with customized cloud services.


Data recovery is easy with cloud system than the in-house server system. An amazing function of data recovery has a custom option to set the time intervals at which the users would like to recover data regularly. So in any case of accident or emergency, business data is not in danger.

Work with less Resources

Cloud system works well without any control of the IT team to maintain computer systems, hardware and software. Cloud service providers are responsible for device and network control and management. Hence, it helps businesses to invest more time in company’s growth rather than managing the in-house team.

Document Management & Control

Businesses are loaded with a huge number of documents. But, the traditional computer systems are side cornered as users were bound with the limitations such as access one file at a time, use email attachments to share documents, etc. The cloud system walks a step ahead and develops a central cloud location where the documents are stored and the authorized users can access, manage and control them anytime.

Data Security

When the businesses acquire cloud computing, the whole data is stored on the cloud and not on the hard-drive of machines. Cyber security specialists firmly assure data and network security. So, cloud systems directly keep the unauthorized users away from any sensitive information.

The Road of the Journey

Gliding from traditional systems to virtual systems can be difficult and challenging. As businesses move forward on their Cloud Adoption journey, there are multiple questions that need perfect answers- for infrastructure, platforms, and applications. Enterprise owners initially face the challenges in deciding the right functionality, transparency, support, security and scalability.

Untangle the Maze of Cloud Services with the Right Partner

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