Christmas at Radixweb with Fun, Frolic, Gifts and Wishes

Christmas at Radixweb

Christmas 2021 was as ‘chilled’ as it could be here at Radixweb. We have entered the wintery realm with flourish and aplomb after a year of winning accolade upon accolade. A Hi-tech Santa went around collecting wishes, and not surprisingly, most are about to come true.

Santa Claus at Radixweb’s Christmas Celebration

Radixians Turned Secret Santas

But we Radixians didn’t let Santa steal all our lightning. Covert Secret Santas rushed about to get their comrades the best possible gifts, resulting mostly in heart-warming smiles and sometimes rip-roaring laughter.

Radixians Turned Secret Santas

Our culture is one of belief in our people. A team is viewed as a collective entity where employees of varying skills levels function cohesively, with the strong offering of support and guidance whenever required. Our intra-team mentor approaches focus on building strong relationships and helping teammates learn and grow from their experiences.

Radixians know that their company stands firmly in their support in word and action. We started by saying that we believe in our people; in return, our people believe in us, taking that as a massive compliment.

Gift Exchange with Your Secret Santa

We’ve spoken about Secret Santas and how they searched for the perfect gifts for their Radixian pals. Well, the outcome was enjoyable and also hilarious. While some lucky one’s got amazing personalized gifts and toothsome chocolate, other’s received prank gifts like an oral hygiene kit or a family pack of Maggie noodles. It goes without saying that there are a couple of miffed Radixians searching for their secret Santas. To them we say, lay low till the threat passes.

Speaking of gifts, the opening of the presents was the best bit. While some were left astonished and highly appeased, other opened gifts that left them guessing who their Secret Santa could be.

The Color Code and the Ethic Code

Color Code and The Ethic Code

Christmas Eve 2021 was an awesome day for us. The dress code for Christmas eve was red, and everyone looked gorgeously decked out in their best reds. There were a few burgundies and maroons, but Santa doesn’t mind. We are after all a great place to work.

Our Radixian belles were decked up from head to toe in ravishing outfits while the gentleman sported red’s that matched perfectly with the intensity of our drive to succeed. Coats, blazers, t-shirts, hoodies they all made an appearance. At first glance we Radixians almost came across as an army of redcoats, revving to deliver awesomeness mixed with a dash of holiday spirit.

We do what we do to because we understand that as a company, when our people succeed, so do we.

Decoration at Radixweb

It wasn’t just Radixians who were decked out. Our beloved HQ shone with Christmas glitter just as much as we did. As each floor was adorned with Christmas party favors, candy sticks, and stockings, Ekyarth looked amazing as the bells tolled down to Christmas.

We would like to send a special shout-out to all who helped in decorating our HQ. It must’ve been quite a task. But nothing that Radixweb’s little elves couldn’t do. Ekyarth glimmered and glittered and so did all of us, revelling in the magic that Christmas time carries with it.

Technology at Its Best- Even in Christmas Time

We know the best technology doesn’t happen in isolation with a strong focus on transformational technology and custom solutions. It happens through collaboration. Every day we go to work knowing the client requirements we work on are complex and could be viewed as difficult to solve, and yet we’re proud to be building on two decades of heritage.

If you are looking for reasons to join us, then this one is just for you. Just like Santa’s elven helpers at his toy factory up in the north pole, every Radixian remains dedicated to the projects they have on hand. Excellence is a habit and good habits have the best outcomes in Christmas time. After all, no one wants to be on Santa’s naughty list and get a stocking full of coal instead of the tasty candy cane the person beside him is enjoying.

Wrapping Up: Yet all Set for the Coming Year

Today we’re focusing on new areas of the tech sphere, such as harnessing tech know-how and assets, to deliver on our promise of 100% customer success. Our tech assets are used by millions of people worldwide, and it takes the efforts of more than 500 employees delivering solutions across 25 countries and three continents.

In 2022, our focus is on harnessing the power of digital transformation and technological evolution that is sustainable and scalable but not without celebrating every second of us being together as a cohesive unit, a community, a family. From the very bottom of our hearts, we wish you a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year. So, what are you waiting for? Explore available opportunities and give wings to your career by joining Radixweb.

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