7 Reasons Why a Business Should Embrace SaaS Application Development

Benefits Of Saas Application for Your Business

We can’t imagine a business sphere where SaaS applications are not playing an important role. You can easily tell that SaaS is a long-term strategy for businesses committed to serving their customers with best-in-class service and products.

Yet, many companies are hesitant about the feasibility of the SaaS model in their business. They might not be sure if the success proved for others can be replicated in their case.

Whether you are considering the idea of embracing the SaaS model or if you are not thinking about it at all, please go ahead and read this article. It will surely dispel a lot of your concerns and hopefully help you decide.

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is addressed by many names like application service provider (ASP) services, Software on-demand, service in the cloud, etc. You can access the software or IT service via the internet, and you don’t have to download or install the software like in the older days. The best part about this service is that the software can also be managed remotely and is easily accessible through a web browser.

Why Use SaaS Applications?

There is a high probability that you have already used a SaaS application in the past, or you are still using multiple SaaS applications. According to this report, on average, a company employs 16 SaaS apps that are important from the business point of view. This indicates that SaaS has become the new normal for most of us.

SaaS applications like Office365, Google Photos, etc., are all common examples of SaaS. To be more specific, digital marketers who use tools like SEMRush, BuzzSumo, Feedly, etc., are examples of SaaS apps that utilize the subscription-based model.

Any company can benefit from the SaaS application as it offers a low-cost alternative, flexible, and easy to maintain option for implementing a business strategy.

The key aspect to remember here is that you don’t have to invest in expensive IT infrastructure and hire a dedicated IT team to maintain these in-house devices. Another advantage of this model is that you can scale customer-dependent functions rapidly without having any geographic or physical restrictions.

All one has to do is procure a good internet connection and install a standard web browser.

How to Build Saas Application

Want to build a SaaS Application? Here is a detailed guide.

Key benefits of SaaS for your business

1. Low Initial Investment

There are very low upfront fees, though it also depends on the SaaS app development service provider you are working with. But almost universally, the model is pay-as-you-go which makes it easier to enter into a business relationship and invest in a SaaS plan only when you anticipate business growth.

This is the foremost reason why SaaS development is witnessing a massive demand from businesses of different scales. This effectively removes any risk due to substantial monetary loss.

2. Cost-Effective

According to the Forrester report, the second most lucrative reason for adopting the SaaS application for your business is because it costs you less than a conventional hardware-based software solution. The primary reason for low cost is that you will not incur any investment cost in buying new IT hardware or training and hiring resources to maintain the expensive hardware locally. Thus, in the long run, the SaaS application proves to be much cheaper.

3. Comprehensive Coverage

With SaaS, you can efficiently perform your business activities across multiple devices and at any given point in time. Moreover, SaaS has a reputation for high uptime, provided you are connected to high-speed internet and a web browser. This comes in handy for on-the-field workers like Sales Reps, Journalists, Social Media Managers, etc.

4. Less Headache for IT

Your in-house IT team will save hours and budget expenses because of the on-the-cloud operation model. In addition, this takes regular maintenance fees, routine backup issues, updating schedules, etc., out of the picture.

The SaaS application development services provider takes on the challenge of maintaining the hardware, avoiding the risk of downtime or system failures, updating the software to the latest version, training and recruiting the staff, etc. This leaves you and your team with enough time to focus on running a business.

Advantages Of Saas

5. Easy Integration and Scale-Up Option

Before SaaS caught the world’s imagination, companies feared that legacy systems and SaaS wouldn’t be compatible at all, and it will create issues for the users. But all these fears were cast aside when the SaaS applications proved to be consistent in most cases and can work as an extension of the existing software. The businesses could see the value in adopting these new applications and started using them in their day-to-day operations.

Similarly, the cloud system was created so that you don’t have to worry about the sudden increase in demand for your service or product. Instead, the infrastructure is always ready to compensate for fluctuating usage.

6. Secure and Safe

A lot of initial security-related concerns are there when a business is trying a new platform. And we understand this, and this is quite natural.
A study by Gartner dispelled all the concerns by explaining that almost all the security and safety issues arise due to human error, and the cloud is a safe place to migrate data and run your business.

Since the SaaS application development services vendor is responsible for maintaining and safeguarding the customer details, security concerns are always on high priority.

It is also the responsibility of the SaaS development service provider to ensure all applications are running smoothly and in a secure environment; they go the extra mile to make things right. As a result, it is not a big surprise to hear such companies maintaining servers across different continents and countries.

After all, it is the question of their reputation and future business. If they let any slips, it would hurt their long-term future.

7. Feature Rich

Imagine if your team has access to the latest features that deliver desired results quickly. Wouldn’t it be great to use such great features that motivate your team to perform well and helps them achieve their goals quickly?

But in a slow-moving traditional system, you can’t just give an overhaul. It requires time-consuming coordinated planning to upgrade systems across multiple levels, often becoming a headache for many managers. This is the main reason why businesses usually avoid upgrades even if they see merits in them.

With the cloud, you can roll out company-wide updates and improvements in the software without any holdback or delays. As a result, your team can start using new features right away to make better, more informed business decisions. Of course, the same can be implemented for your entire portfolio of clients as well.

The SaaS development results in a suite that allows the user to enjoy a product full of powerful and modern features. This helps any business team to deliver a world-class and reliable solution to its customers.

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Moving to the cloud in a SaaS application-driven environment is fast becoming the norm for many companies. The answer is simple; it is a hassle-free experience with added benefits.

So, if you are planning to take your business to the cloud in the form of a SaaS application, you should explore the various possibilities with custom application development company like us. We can walk you through potential outcomes and challenging scenarios.

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