Work Culture

Radix means fun. We espouse the theory that our workplace is a playground for the interplay of ambitions of our people. We believe in establishing a platform from where aspirations can be launched. The professional development of our people coupled with personal growth is a priority for us. We view ourselves as the nurturers of the dreams of our people. Our organization culture promotes teamwork, creativity and commitment.

We acknowledge that a strong team lies at the heart of any successful undertaking and thus undertake various team building exercises. Synchronized communication between our key people is our strength. Interaction between different domains is highly encouraged via regular meetings and gatherings. We follow a clear path of authority fostering unity of command and removing all ambiguities.

Happy hours, official picnics, family outings and dinners are common features at Radix which encourage our people to mingle outside their workplace. We treat our entire setup as one big family where everybody experiences a personal connection. We pride ourselves in our cultural diversity and indulge in festivities of all kinds.

Team Profile

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