SharePoint Services

Being accredited as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Radix houses expertise in the Microsoft product line including SharePoint Server.

Radix leverages SharePoint’s server capabilities to develop a business solution that promotes efficient operations. SharePoint’s integrated suite offers a host of functionalities like collaboration, portal management, search management, content management, business process management and business intelligence.

Radix’s SharePoint services cover the whole deal of consultation, implementation, development, integration and customization. Our services consolidate the slew of your enterprise solutions and applications for you into a single platform and make them manageable. Cutting across the demarcations created by legacy system silos, Radix SharePoint Services offer a single view of all the business critical information and activities to promote informed decision-making. Radix SharePoint services automate and streamline all your business processes and transform you into an agile enterprise that is capable of quick reaction to changing market needs.

With hands-on experience in different industry verticals, Radix can grant you that all important competitive edge and empower you to explore newer possibilities.

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