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With expertise in android app development, our team developed a smartphone application that warns kids who use the digital device close to their eyes.

Parental Control Apps Development<
  • Seamlessly monitor your kid’s activity on mobile phones and get updates in real-time
  • Allows parents to monitor every action happening on the mobile screen
  • Take screenshots without letting your kids know, and store them in private folders
  • Warns and notifies to stay away from the screen when the child’s face is too close
  • Track activity logs that showcase which apps were used and for how much time


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Technology Used

  • For Android: Java

Radixweb’s approach to developing parental control apps

Being renowned mobile application development company team at Radixweb developed the parental control app that encourages kids to engage in activities other than using their phones and tablets.

Blocking access to devices or certain applications, as well as limiting the hours spent watching entertainment channels or playing mobile games, allows parents to give their children more time away from their electronics.

We ensured to keep the mobile app development cost at the lowest without compromising on features. Here are few key features

Automatic Face Detection

We build features that access the mobile’s camera and constantly monitor the child’s eyes/face. Sends warning notification if the face is too close to screen.

Track and save data

The application can even send weekly or monthly reports of the child’s activity on the mobile device to parents via mail or text message.

Time scheduling

The software allows parents to limit how long their children can use their smartphone and a certain app.

Secured Data

To open the application, there is a two-step verification process. We added an extra layer of security with a customized PIN to prevent unauthorized modifications to the app’s settings.

Clients Achievement

The final application met all of the client’s technical criteria. The application is one of the best for tracking a child’s smartphone activities and assisting parents in keeping their children’s vision secure.


  • The Custom mobile app development team completed the mobile application on schedule and within budget. The client met his goal of creating a user-friendly mobile app with specific features.

More Downloads

  • More than 12,600 parents downloaded the mobile kid’s safety app. The number of children using mobile phones decreased by 21.5% year on year, and the app became popular, and the download rate grew significantly.

Easy to use

  • Our team designed the in-app navigation with a minimalist approach. We ensured that the end-user experience is not complex and that parents can install and use the application at ease.
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