Converting 32-bit Into 64-bit

Converting 32-bit Windows Applications Into 64-bit Applications for Windows Vista


Windows 32Bit to 64bit Windows Vista / WinXP Conversion

The client provides security solutions to the top government agencies in India and across the globe.The application is windows based encryption tool and operation is from Windows 98 – Windows XP. Having expertise in respective technology, we offer services for this right from beginning with assorted technologies and provide the best solution to clients.

The Problem

  • The launch of Windows Vista and XP 64 bit triggered a global need among products and services providers to migrate their application to 64 bit. The client approaches us with specific time range of just one month with precise budget limit
  • The original lead time proposed is 3-4 man-months, however there is no system documentation shared
  • All transactions and communications have to be maintained with the utmost secrecy and the internal team is to be kept unaware of the business implications of such devices

The Outcome

  • Client satisfied with our approach, consistency and flexible pricing methods, commitment standards continued to use our services for more projects
  • Total of 45% price reduction applied against the original estimatation, the original estimates were based on our understanding of such cases and against no real time data
  • There were no more than 3 instances of bugs or issues reported and less than a week was spent to run beta version after which the application was deemed as being stable
  • The client was able to meet the market demand using the applications that run in Windows Vista and XP 64 bit in time
  • Thus end customers loyalty was retained with the client organization due to their fore-thought and on time arrival with upgraded systems
  • Project was executed by a team of 3 personnel none of whom until date was aware of the whole integrals the projects
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