GUI Design System with Embedded GPU

Image for GPU

The client is a globally leading manufacturer for information display systems including: Liquid Crystal Display, Touch Screens, TFT, OLED, LCD etc.

The client wanted to develop a system for their LCD touch screens; wherein the user can design GUI online and use this design- WYSIWYG on their LCD touch screens. The requirement was to develop low cost hardware to drive their LCD touch screens and open source library (C/C++) to render GUI on the screen.

The Problem

This project included combination of diverse technologies like web development, hardware development, and firmware development for the hardware with below mentioned feature requirements:


  • User friendly GUI designing editor with library of royalty free images.
  • Design editor with multi layers architecture with image transparency and alpha blending mechanism.
  • The SDK configuration also includes Eclipse IDE with PHP Plug-in, Open Office, Apache, Subversion and is also integrated with the domain controller
  • Other standard features like user management, company management, etc.

Hardware development:

  • Low cost.
  • With interfaces like USB, SPI, Serial port, GPIO etc.
  • i2c connection for client’s touch panel.
  • o LCD screen connector to drive LCD.

Firmware development:

  • Graphic rendering logic with multiple layer for rendering image, text, animation, etc.
  • Protocols to communicate with other devices.
  • The board should boot fast.

The requirement also included development of firmware flashing and desktop emulator applications to put data on hardware and access hardware using protocols.

The Outcome

  • The client’s requirement of a website wherein the end user can make design online and see online preview before putting it on hardware was fulfilled.
  • Hardware board design with BOM and required documents so that manufacturing hardware board becomes easy for future requirements.
  • Complete documentation for all the modules like – web, firmware flashing, emulator, etc.
  • Detailed document of protocol/command, so that end user can develop their own code and prepare GUI as per their requirement.
  • Whole system for end user to quickly design GUI and use it on hardware with client’s LCD screen and touch panel.
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