Video Stream Processing


Radixweb was associated with an Italy-based client, who was akin to find a partner to help them with video and image processing solution for their existing system.

The Problem

The client had two input video streams running on RTMP/HTTP video streaming server.

First, live video streaming had text code (ex. 000321FG4) masked on the video at any time and for any time duration.

Second stream is a simple black stream with same code masked on it at same position, same time and for same duration as live video stream.

The main objective of this project was to remove the masked code along with the code text detection using OCR in the live streaming video, re-encoding and re-streaming the resultant video on an RTMP server.


  • Radix developed effective code finding an OCR algorithm which runs easily on different kind of video inputs.
  • The processing and algorithm for removal of the code is efficient so that user cannot notice the code in video.
  • The solution was so configurable that it can be used with various different processing parameters like bits per second, output video quality, resolution, etc.
  • The application is processing and memory efficient so that it can used on a single stream for longer duration.
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