Powerful Enterprise Web Application Development with ASP.NET Core

Enterprise Web Application Development with ASP.NET Core

Multiple technologies are in use for web application development. There are many popular open-source technologies such as PHP, Java, ASP.NET MVC, etc.

While several developers prefer ASP.NET MVC, the latest ASP.NET Core web application framework offers more benefits than the former. However, dot net core web applications dominate the market and provide a perfect technology hiring platform.

According to this report, 8.5% of all websites use ASP.NET. And in 2020, ASP.NET Core had 19.1% usage, ranking as the 6th most frequently used framework among web application developers.

What is ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET Core is a preferred open-source and cross-platform framework offering MVC structure and web API, and other services required for building specific enterprise web applications. It is one of the most emerging and feature-rich frameworks that deliver speedy performance and super-fast API for several web applications. It also provides essential elements that enterprises require for precise web application development.

Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core is used to build modern, internet-connected, and cloud-based applications. It is designed to allow runtime components, languages, compilers, and APIs to evolve. It runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows on .NET Core and .NET Framework.

The dot net core web apps are a powerhouse of the latest features that gained popularity among web developers, making a simple and efficient enterprise web application. This high-performance framework is also widely used for creating modern, cloud-based applications. Developers can use this high-end software to:

  • Run web apps on the .NET Core and .NET Framework
  • Develop productive and progressive web applications, services, IoT apps, and mobile back-ends
  • Support multiple web application development platforms because it offers an option to create apps on Linux, Windows, and macOS
  • Gain flexibility and deploy services and apps on-premises or even to the cloud

Why ASP.NET Core Matters to Enterprise?

Businesses graduated from manual to fully digital today. This switchover is primarily because the world relies more on technology than ever before. Technology is fast and more productive compared to manual working. Moreover, enterprises can hire dot net core web app development teams to meet the latest trends and build applications to enhance workers’ productivity, manage and maintain, leverage big data, and optimize the efficiency of the process.

When Should You Choose ASP.NET Core?

When enterprises target maximum audience using Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, ASP.NETCore empowers web developers to code just once and keep running on various platforms. It ensures higher performance and speed compared to the previous version.

.NET Core can automatically optimize compiled code to increase performance 859 times compared to past performance.

Key reasons to choose enterprise web application are:

  • It increases the productivity of workers and enterprises
  • It empowers workers and helps them take smarter decisions by enabling the use of innovative smart devices like tablets
  • Smarter apps can generate enterprise analytics and big data that help with business decisions
  • ASP.NET Core also executes with .NET Framework and .NET Core
  • Supports front-end frameworks like KnockoutJS, Bootstrap, and AngularJS
  • Ease of deployment and running app on the cloud server

Top reasons to choose ASP.NET core

Features that Make ASP.NET Core Web Application Stand Out for Enterprises

Dot net core web app development is a robust, feature-rich, and emerging concept that allows developers to build APIs fast.

Here are some of the outstanding aspects of the framework that makes it the most promising choice for enterprise web application development:

#1: ASP NET Core is an Open Source Framework

The Core version of ASP.NET is trendy because it is an open-source code. The code of this framework is available for everyone to modify, review, as well as contribute. In addition, the large community of .NET Core offers support to ensure seamless and fast application development.

All bug fixes and improvements are much speedier and quickly released regularly to ensure developers need not wait to harness any latest development.

An open-source framework is also flexible, which makes .NET Core a much-preferred choice amongst developers.

Based on the requirement of a project, you can either add libraries, framework components, etc. Additionally, whenever a new or updated version is available, you need not upgrade the framework entirely. This saves a lot of time.

Create a top-notch ASP.NET core solution that is designed to streamline your business goals

#2: Cross-Platform Support

The cross-platform implementation architecture of .NET Core is one of the key features. This framework was built to run only on Windows. However, tools and applications developed using this framework can seamlessly run on various platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux. It also includes Visual Studio IDE, which allows developers to create web applications on a chosen operating system for project collaboration.

Features of ASP.NET Core for web development include independent packing, installation, and its cross-platform abilities. As a result, it is a brilliant framework to build cutting-edge enterprise web applications. Once an app is developed, the code can be reused for another application development, irrespective of the platform or OS.

#3: Refined Programming Features

The stack of ASP.NET underwent a significant overhaul, thus bringing forth the ASP.NET Core framework having a gamut of features, which include:

  • Programmed memory management
  • Cross-platform architecture
  • Garbage collection
  • Package management
  • Independence of language
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Quick and easy, customized, feature-rich, enterprise web applications
  • Impeccable MVC web application development with RESTful APIs
  • Multi-lingual support

It becomes more accessible, efficient, and faster for enterprise app developers to build a robust, advanced, and modern web app with these features.

#4: Optimum Performance

High performance is an integral factor for developers to consider in an enterprise application development process. With .NET Core, excellent performance, scalability, and flexibility are the assured features that aids in ease of writing, maintaining, reusing, and programming codes. This becomes possible only because developers can leverage core libraries and tool optimization.

While compiling a code, this unique web development framework also facilitates code optimization automation. As a result, it improves code performance.

In addition, innovative concepts, memory-related upgrades, faster release cycles, and proper space allocation make .NET Core an efficient and reliable open-source framework.

This modular framework is not just for developers. It also offers an affordable and reliable solution through applications. Kestrel web server is the latest introduction that makes the dot net core web app framework a robust and the fastest framework today.

Top features of ASP.NET core web application development

#5: Simplicity

The simplicity of the ASP.NET Core web application is the primary reason that would make this framework a considerable success. Critical functionalities like form submission, site configuration, or client authentication are some of the framework’s faster and hassle-free features.

It also features the time-tested MVC architecture, which is Model, View, and Controller. It helps in custom web application development and APIs, making them easy to test by clarifying concerns. It allows developers to write codes, test, and debug all the architectures, as mentioned earlier.

Reusable codes make it much effortless and easier to modify and manage web app programming. It also features server-side and event-driven programming modules that can be maintained easily.

#6: Excellent Developer Tools

ASP.NET Core has many developer tools available in its full-suit versions, such as Jetbrains, Resharper, etc. It only makes it easier to develop, test, as well as implement an array of applications.

Moreover, it features Microsoft’s Visual Studio – the top IDE to develop feature-rich and advanced applications using .NET Core. It also assists in advanced features like profiling, unit testing, debugging, GIT integration, code completion, and more.

Visual Studio’s latest version is now found with the free and full-fledged community edition. You can code web apps easily for ASP.NET Core in its introductory text format and leverage any text editor.

#7: Razor Pages

Razor Pages are relatively new features incorporated in the most advanced .NET Core framework. The main objective is to ensure integration with excellent efficiency. It has a page-based coding architecture that allows developers to create cutting-edge web UI with enhanced productivity.

This framework is less complicated with such an advanced feature as its single app pages can be self-contained with a unique view. Moreover, the codes appearing on each of the pages can be organized promptly and efficiently.

Razor Pages are exceptionally productive. These pages make it easier to develop robust, high-performance, and scalable web applications.

Wish to scale your business processes and operations by developing smart web applications with ASP.NET core?

#8: Highly Versatile

Enterprise web application development with .NET Core is a boon considering that the framework is highly versatile. With this framework, you can develop modern web apps and switch over quickly to desktop or mobile apps conveniently.

This feature offers immense flexibility to bundle up app development and achieve high-quality, robust, and innovative apps. This is one fantastic feature that sets ASP.NET Core web applications apart from various programming languages focused on the server-side.

Now that you know the top enterprise web application build with ASP.NET Core, you can expand your knowledge-base by decoding the crucial reasons why ASP.NET Core is the best framework for developing web application.


This is the best time to build brilliant web applications for your company. And if your business is looking to develop a top-notch enterprise application to get a competitive edge, it’s recommended to rely on an experienced .NET core application development company. With consistent improvements and feature development, a .NET core developer’s task is much easier, and the web presence of an enterprise is more profitable.

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