What’s New in nopCommerce 3.8

What’s New In NopCommerce 3.8

nopCommerce 3.8 has just released. It’s all new clean default theme which has a modern look and a great responsive design. HTML has been refactored, which gives an extensive support to a theme which works easier and can customize. It attributes product values by default. It’s helpful to the store owner while creating new products. So while adding an attribute to the product, now there’s no need to create same values again.

Are you wondering what’s new in nopCommerce 3.8 for your online store and in dilemma to migrate from your current nopCommerce. Not to worry here’s all you need to know…

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The following release is based on the valuable feedback. The main changes which are done on the basis aimed to make nopCommerce more store owners and store managers oriented. Right from the beginner’s merchants to experienced managers: the work can be done easily now with a platform for different types of users. Targeting and focusing on UI and UX-admin area is simplified and redesigned.

nopCommerce 3.8 – New Features and Reasons to Upgrade

Responsive Admin Area

The admin area now possesses responsive web design and is viewable on all mobile devices, allowing store management from any place. It improves the everyday workflow of the store manager. The product details page, a significant number of setting pages have been shortened and redesigned.

Simultaneous Discounts

This version has a comparatively flexible discount system. Now, there is a provision of using multiple discounts simultaneously which can be done just by checking the “Cumulative with other discounts” box on the discount details page.

Custom Return Request Number

Most of the store owners who have a return policy for their products, assign the customer an RMA# that has to be mentioned on the return package. The new version allows the store owner to configure unique RMA# to be generated for every return request.

Checkbox for “Ship to the Same Address”

It has been found that in 90% of the orders, shipping address and billing address are same. This has been noticed and the new version has “Ship to the same address” checkbox to the “Billing Address” step during checkout. It is configurable and disabled by default.


New In-Store Pickup Feature

The in-store pickup support has been improved which allows a store manager to select multiple pickup points. It allows a customer to pick up his goods from different stores. There is a provision to include a map indicating the location of stores.

Image Upload Feature

Along with color squares, the image squares with user-uploaded images can be used as product attributes. It allows a store owner to upload an image which can be displayed and is selectable on product details page. It is very similar to “Color squares” attribute type. Attribute value images make it clearer to the customers what they are choosing.

Conditional Checkout Attributes

There is the option of conditional attributes which appear only if a previous attribute is selected. For example, having an option for personalizing clothing with a name and providing the text input box if the “Personalize” radio button is checked.

“Color Square” Specification Attribute Type

There is now provision for specification attributes to be displayed and filtered not only with digits and words but also with color blocks.

You can view the full list of items included in version 3.80 here

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