The Radixweb insignia: Our official logo sculpture

Radixweb Sculpture Launching

The possessor of critical acclaim both as a software development powerhouse and one of the most desirable employers in the country, We at Radixweb recently unveiled our official logo sculpture at our corporate headquarters, Ekyarth. A gala of massive proportions, our Radixweb family came together as we revealed our sculpture, an emblem that denotes our unquenchable desire to push benchmarks further and continue to deliver 100% customer success.

Battling the repercussions of the pandemic that ravaged the world for the better half of the past two years, the event was a closer door one, yet the workforce present at our HQ joined in on the party. The occasion saw our top brass mingling with our teams, rejoicing the physical manifestation of our corporate identity. And what better place to do it than at our plush new abode, Ekyarth

Check out the glimpses of the prideful event that happened in the headquarters of Radixweb here.

2021 Has proven to be an eventful year for us at Radixweb. We currently sport a 95% client return rate even through the tumultuous times of the pandemic. From a big bash simulcasted to all remote employees and a fascinating cultural event at our premises, Radixweb has been in celebration mode.

A few days short of our birthday bash, we revealed our corporate hub, Ekyarth. A world-class facility sporting every bell and whistle in terms of infrastructure and utility, we at Radixweb take pride in our sprawling, brand-new workplace. With over 700 workstations and a blueprint that will soon accommodate even more, Ekyarth is a triumph in Radixweb’s tryst with destiny.

Now officially a world leader in terms of innovation (World Festival Innovation award winner) and a five-time Clutch topper as the best software development company on the block (and by block, we mean the world), we at Radixweb have taken massive strides towards a tech-fueled tomorrow.

Our core principles of transparency and people centricity are one of the primary reasons that we have thrived in a market that was once largely unregulated, and software development firms popped up and disappeared with equal haste.

Our visionary C-Suite has and continues to uphold people as our priority, which is why we at Radixweb draw in the top 1% of tech talent available. The journey from an idea to an industry heavyweight has not been without its obstacles. Natural disasters, social unrest, and now the pandemic, we have weathered it all.

Catch all the prime-time action of the event in this happening video.

The form of the pyramid is said to be one that can focus the energy within for a concentrated outpour of the power it holds within. Matching the wisdom of the ages with cutting-edge technology expertise, our logo sculpture is our unspoken message to the world- “Radixweb cares.”

The need to give back to the world is a significant part of the underlying emotion behind the successes we consistently enjoy. A step ahead of generic CSR, we aim at uplifting our people and building them into knights in shining armor, ready to brave the unknown horizons of the ever-evolving tech world.

When building our corporate infrastructure, our leaders were not just focused on building a swanky, five-star experience for our people but also on building a workplace that inspired proactivity and a sense of oneness. As Radixians, we stand committed to delivering on our promise of continuous excellence, consistent innovation, and assured client success now and in the future.

Profit, though a driver, has never been a motive. What truly gets us Radixians going is an inherent desire to offer the same vibe of equality, care, and a quest for excellence that we receive from our company, clearly visible to us in our organizational procedures.

Our culture is reflected clearly in our logo design. Our logo sculpture is just one step forward in building up our teams with tangible representations of our collective spirit. Our logo sculpture graces our foyer and, powered by our collective enthusiasm and drive, aims to imprint our ethos on everyone who visits Ekyarth.

Pivoting with equal speed and finesse, we had switched to a 100% remote workforce within just a couple of hours, and that too without a dip by even a decimal in our productivity levels. As the mists of the pandemic departed and the next normal beckoned, we are now back with a bang, our HQ Ekyarth functioning at full capacity. With every amenity imaginable and the ability to support rapidly evolving tech requirements while contributing to the formation of a sustainable tech ecosystem.

In the words of our COO, Mr. Dharmesh Acharya, we at Radixweb hold our people and our culture paramount right from the first-day operations to right now, accurate to the millisecond. We have a culture of building relationships and not transactions, and this is arguably the primary reason our clients believe so deeply in our capabilities.

Our logo stands for an immovable structure that houses an unstoppable force capable of changing the world’s view of what technological innovation is capable of.

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