How to Select an IT Outsourcing Company?

How To Select An IT Outsourcing Company?

Selecting an IT outsourcing company to develop a solution is quite similar that one takes risks to handover his/her business to others. So it is essential to find out a trustworthy offshore company having capabilities to develop and deliver competent business solution.

If a project ends-up in the wrong hand, it can be dangerous for business by losing money and time. While a good IT partner caters cost saving and more time to market by offering an enhanced product that helps in attaining competitive advantages.

Try to approach a well-established software development company that has pre-defined processes to proceed the project further. There must be pre-designed steps to follow like requirement gathering and analyzing them, documentation, request for proposal, service level agreements, bid negotiation, and so on.

Before hiring any offshore company, detailed home-work about that IT services provider is truly important. To establish a mutually beneficial association with the IT outsourcing company, here are well explained steps you might not want to ignore while choosing your next outsourcing partner.

Specify Your Objectives

List out all business objectives and goals you want to achieve. Convey your expectations clear to Software Development Company. Be specific about outsourcing purpose, agreements, requisites, budget, etc. To meet frequently changing market scenario, scalable and highly adaptive IT systems become the heart of the organizations. Technical outsourcing could be any type:

  • Application/Software/Product Development
  • Web hosting and development
  • Infrastructure/Network
  • Telecom

Know Your Vendor

Get detailed information about the offshore company, before taking hiring decision. This process is known as Right for Information (RFI). Define your requirements and share them with selected IT service providers. Once you receive responses, start analyzing and matching them with expectations, eliminate preferences that didn’t reply, select from the vendors who responded and identify at least three to select the best one.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

After going through the details provided by shortlisted IT offshore companies, if you find any reliable and authentic one, then send RFP to them to move a step ahead in the project. RFP usually contains the brief information of development environment, technical and communication efficiency, certification and credentials, project development and management methodologies etc. Generally, a formal RFP contains below details:

  • Business Requirement
  • Vendor Profile
  • Vendor Employee Information
  • Vendor Methodology
  • Infrastructure

Due Diligence

This is about to verify data provided by software development company in the RFP. Under due diligence, you have to confirm various information such as establishment, financial condition, customer references, management profiles, technical skillset, infrastructure stability, development methodologies, legal and regulatory compliance, security and audit controls, quality standards, employee policies, and much more. It reveals the credibility of IT vendors.

Sample Project Building

As corporate offer giant projects, they ask for test project development to check the efficiency and effectiveness of offshore companies. This stage helps corporate to understand project management tools, communication skills, on-time project delivery, quality levels, project execution techniques, etc. of IT services provider. It delivers a real time idea to corporate whether they should go to the particular IT partner or not.

Finalize Your Vendor

At the end of entire process mentioned above, businesses can select a responsible software development company to handover project and build up a robust business solution. When an organization is about to sign a contract, they can discuss and decide development plan, development team size, development methodology, price setting, quality standards, etc.

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