Responsive Application Development

Responsive Application Development

Are you running your business using desktop based application? Is it performing well to empower online presence of your organization? In this dynamic era, to engage a large customer base desktop application is not enough. Today organizations are looking for responsive application development to make bucks from robust online presence.

It is hard to believe if an application owner is not aware about the term “Responsive”. It is a sizzling and latest trend in application development sphere. Responsive application development is popular due to automatic resolution resizing of an application at various devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Basically, it allows for one time coding to make an application visible at all device platforms.

Radix & Responsive Application Development

At Radix, we have a talent pool of designers and developers to create responsive application. We offer business apps with stunning look and feel using advanced features and functionalities. Our development is based on cutting-edge technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. By utilizing these technologies, we offer an elegant and appealing application with user-friendly functions.

Our services include responsive application designing too. We have a team of professionals who look after designing aspects of an application. They design attractive store front for visitors and easily manageable backend for admin. With us, you will have an application with conceptual presentation of logo, graphics, images, content, navigation, typography, call-for-action and so on.

The benefits of responsive application development delivered by Radix are:

Customer Enhancement
With increasing usage of smartphones, responsive application becomes essential in compare to desktop or laptop apps. In near future, it will be started to consider the basic requirement for powerful online presence. We develop responsive applications that can be accessible by every user having different devices. By offering device vise sharp resolution, we aid in engaging prospective customers and delivering them your brand message.

Sales Improvement
We develop solution centric application under responsive technique with consistent look and feel for all devices. Uniformity of design and development across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones improves brand value of your business. Unified development approach generates positive effect on customers. It improves reliability and credibility of business too. Such authenticity insists customer to purchase product/service(s) from your application. Ultimately, it increases the sales.

Cost and Time Saving
Eliminate the cost and time of separate application development for different devices as responsive methodology allows to develop single coding for each of it. With standardize development methodologies, we help you in removing overhead cost of support and maintenance of device specific applications. In addition, admin user enjoys benefit of less time for application updation as he/she has to update only one platform rather than updating them individually.

Brand Credibility
Radix experts provide standardize responsive application development with advanced features and functionalities across all devices to establish a powerful branding of your business. Brand makes business immortal in the mind of customers. Brand stability insists clients to put trust in you and make them believe that they are at right place.

Optimized Visibility at Search Engines
Responsive configuration is good for creating smartphone optimized websites. It is recommenced by Google. Under responsive development services, we offer single application having same content for all devices. It is required one time SEO for content to optimize application ranking at search engines. Customers can browse application from any device, it increases web traffic and ultimately improves application visibility at varied search engines.

Seamless User Experience
This is also one of the most considerable advantages of responsive application. It is quite tough to deliver seamless user experience at versatile devices that have different sizes and resolutions. Highly smoothen user experience supports customer’s decisions making process. We commit for amazing UI and UX to stick your visitors at application for long time. You can convert them into potential clients or members. Our development includes bootstrap to deliver quick navigation that allows customers to move around various pages of application at every device.

Radix Responsive Application Development @ Projects

Today responsive application development is basic need for any organization. Thus, Radix offers a feature rich responsive application with stunning designing. Our responsive applications are compatible on different devices. Our experts create effective coding to make the application runs smoothly across all the popular browsers.

In responsive application development, we use flexible layouts and images in the projects with media queries. Using these features, we develop applications that are easily resizable as per the resolution of different devices. It can be easily accessible by any user having desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone device.

Develop an interactive application with rich feature and functionalities. It helps in achieving your business goals. At Radix, we have developed responsive applications for diversified industry domains. Make a profitable decision of business expansion by switching to responsive application development.

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