Hire Dedicated Programmers to Mitigate Software Development Cost

Reduce Software Development Cost With Dedicated Programmers

With the continuing pandemic and rise of the gig economy in recent years, organizations are now presented with more alternative ways to hire suitable talents. The IT operations are getting more demanding with each passing day to catch up with the technology advancement, requiring an extra workforce to effectively divide the workload and complete projects with the best efficiency.

Nevertheless, controlling budget overruns is still the primary reason behind outsourcing the work. But as we discuss further in detail, other factors have been involved that lead to hiring a dedicated offshore programmer.

But you might say it’s not an easy process to hire remote developers (and we agree) for any organization, especially if the organization is growing and has versatile requirements related to software development. This is why we are going to describe how you an effective and proven method of hiring.

First, let’s begin the discussion with how to hire a programmer and how it will not only save cost but also improve your chances of business success and then we will talk about how to reduce your software development cost and finally end with pointers on hiring quality developer team that can work in sync with your business objectives.

Top three reason why you should hire dedicated programmers

#1 Finding Desired Skillsets Is Next to Impossible

Software development is indeed a quickly evolving sector with the introduction of new technologies and the updation of the existing ones. According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, software developers’ job outlook will grow at 22% between 2019 and 2029, faster than other occupations. And there is already a shortage of quality software developers. It’s clear that your field has a lack of desired skills to accomplish an assigned task. It would be logical to hire dedicated developers from an IT outsourcing company with a ready-to-deliver workforce trained in the latest technology.

#2 When Making Profit Is Difficult in a Competitive Market

Consider the total investment your in-house team requires to finish up a project. Additionally, your organization also has to keep training those talents, which indeed is an uphill task. Whereas if you hire developers from an offshore company to work on a specific project, then your business can save huge on office utility, employee benefits, and employee training. Your business can easily avoid the tech-talent crunch and efficiently manage the entire development process with reduced cost and optimal quality.

Reasons to Hire Dedicated Programmers

#3 Project Delays Are Fast Becoming Your Biggest Weakness

With the ever-increasing market competition, successfully meeting project deadlines is a matter of survival for any business. If your business is short on a skilled workforce or overloaded with ongoing projects, you can turn around things if you hire software developers from outsourcing companies. Not only will offshore developers work dedicatedly with your project, but they can also manage tight project deadlines. Even technical complications during the project can be quickly dealt with because of diverse skillsets requirements while hiring dedicated programmers.

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How To Reduce Your Software Development Cost?

Outsource… Outsource… Outsource!

The chances are high that your project cost is overrunning because of in-house software development processes. Hiring dedicated developers will save your organization from investing in additional resources and talents that are recruited only for specific projects. With an outsourcing company, your organization will enjoy complete freedom to hire a dedicated programmer specifically needed for a project and the required timeframe without any long-term investment in additional resources.

According to this survey by Deloitte, most of the top executives are in favor of outsourcing to save cost and development time. So it is pretty apparent outsourcing is the standard tactic to reduce cost.

Clearly Define Your Project Requirements

If you are not documenting and creating project requirement documents, you will face an uphill task of managing software projects. The scope can change quickly, and you will never know when things spiral out of hand.

A sound design project objective needs collaboration between end-users, product owners, developers, etc. It leads to a better way of solving problems and helps strategize the next steps without much delay.

Defining Project Requirements Clearly

Hire Dedicated Development Team from Radixweb to drive excellence in your project

Finding and Assessing Your Outsourcing partner

This is the most crucial aspect as it can make or break your whole outsourcing model. You can easily find a list of outsourcing companies that claim they deliver and match your budget requirements, but how do you know it will work?

This is where we finally discuss how to differentiate a good outsourcing candidate from a dubious one.

Tips for Hiring the Right Development Partner

  • Industry Experience: The more experience the company brings to the table, the more assured you can be about their troubleshooting abilities and delivery promise.
  • List of Clients: If the company can quote projects from different industry domains, it displays its technical depth and workforce strength.
  • Testimonials: If you can find several positive reviews on third-party forums, it is highly possible that the company is of good reputation and is known for professionalism.

Tips For Hiring Best Software Development Partner

  • Confidentiality: If they can easily discuss about keeping your product details private and ready to sign an intellectual property rights clause before commencing with projects, it is a positive sign.
  • Working Model: Their working model should be transparent and customer-friendly. Even if the company is working in a different time zone, it should be able to deliver a smooth customer experience.
  • Contracts & Agreement Policy: Signing contracts and legal documents should be a breeze to you as they are necessary but not directly affect the quality outcome of the product. So if you can quickly hire developers and discuss it with them with ease, it will be a smooth ride from thereon.

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There are numerous classical examples in the real world where a groundbreaking idea couldn’t see the daylight for the lack of budget, or it was shipped in such a wrong way that the customer never liked it in the first place.
We are also not saying that you must hire dedicated programmers for everything. On the contrary, it works best when taken in combination of both, i.e., in-house team and remote team. All you need to consider is to hire remote developers that can best suit your needs and philosophy.

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