Deliver Unprecedented Business Value with Custom Software: Radixweb Vision 2020

Deliver Unprecedented Business Value With Custom Software: Radixweb Vision 2020

What innovations, strategies and trends lie in 2020 for the technology frontier- Our Chief Operating Officer, Dharmesh Acharya necessitates the precise need for strategic thinking and shares insights on how to make companies fundamentally more ready with use of custom software

With a new year just swaying by in our calendars, it is time to dive in technology-led discussions for businesses and examine powerful forces with disruptive potential to find innumerable strategic opportunities to be leveraged right in time.

Amidst mind-boggling velocity of change, we sit down with Dharmesh Acharya, Chief Operating Officer at Radixweb to understand why reactive approach for companies is no longer viable in the next decade of unmatched opportunity. Breaking the conventional IT outsourcing approach, we usher to the year 2020 with polished wisdom of our 19+ years’ in business of delivering to 2900+ global customers and fresh vigour of our 410+ professionals.

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Understand what sets us apart-

Trustworthy Custom Software Insights

Dissecting the nature of customization, Acharya says, ‘We are in the times where individuals get their clothes custom fit; it is the same with companies looking for software solutions- invariably it is about gaining that perfect fit advantage.’

Technology adoption and market needs are changing how each industry and company works and at the same time creating an infinite stream of opportunities to be met through customization. As every company turns into a technology focussed one – software becomes the fabric to streamline existing business processes, offer new services, prepare for future growth, reduce operational overheads, lower costs and function more efficiently.

For companies to redefine what they create and deliver- customized software solutions is the need of the hour. A strong technology partner on your side helps to craft strategies to recognize opportunities, chart in the right direction and gain desired results. To this Acharya adds, ‘Your IT partner will have strong insights about which technologies you should adapt to deliver the experiences you want to deliver. Its imperative for companies to pay keen attention to these decisions as it can open avenues for better growth.’

Innovative Technology Foresightedness

Acharya explains, ‘It is the business needs that drive technology innovation and not the other way around. We don’t oversell new technologies to our customers to the extent where the focus changes from solving the business problem to rather leveraging latest technologies. We usually go a step beyond in isolating their needs from their actual wants to invest our efforts and time in the right direction. Our razor sharp focus is to bring success to our customers.’

Unscathed Leadership

Delivering technology solution needs one to be versatile when it is about industry focus. For the past 19 years, we have successfully catered to various industries like print, healthcare, CRM, human resources and recruitment, real estate, retail, fashion, insurance, fin-tech and more.

Add to this, we understand cultural differences well and don’t over commit or under-deliver to our customers. Do exactly what we say- is what makes us Radixweb. Acharya says, ‘Our main focus is to build tailor-made software systems that enhance core business processes of our customers- most of them are large-scale collaborations. Our 75% YoY revenue comes from our existing customers. Most of the projects we deliver are from trusted references of our current customers- a recognition that surpasses any award!’

Our customers trust us with their acute business challenges, and it is our core responsibility to ensure the successful execution of our solutions.

Custom Software Development: Elevate the Technology Experience

From a technology perspective- the customer is in charge. Mapping your technology roadmap is about methodically sensing new possibilities and defining the ambitions for tomorrow. Radixweb can help. Our technology experts have trusted experience applying right technologies to help you achieve your business goals for a grander 2020.

Interview was first published on GoodFirms, here.

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