Radixweb Celebrates Freedom And Inclusion On Independence Day

Radixweb Celebrates Independence Day

Radixweb was bathed in the hues of the tri-color as our top-brass came together to celebrate our country’s 75th Independence day with fervor and a salute to those who dedicated their lives to overthrow oppression so that India and Indians could bask in the light of hard-won freedom.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Divyesh Patel, CEO Radixweb stated- “Independence day is a great day of celebration, but we must be clear in conscience and in action to understand what we are celebrating. Freedom has been with us so long, we have begun underestimating its bounties. With the world shrinking every day, what were once insurmountable boundaries, have now metamorphosed into clear pathways to a unified future.”

At Radixweb, we have upheld the values and principles that form the tumult of diversity that our country is. With an iron-clad resolve to work harder and strengthen our legacy as Indians first, Radixian’s celebrated the occasion with aplomb.

The spirit of Radixians was one of joy, with an undertone of camaraderie and achievement. Adorned with outfits that mirrored our beloved Tricolor, Radixians celebrated the flexibility that Radixweb is known for, a delicate balance between work and life which has and always will be the Radixweb way. Radixians came together as a cohesive team and for this occasion looked the part as well. Radixians joined in on the revelry that brings our nation together every year.

Explore the photos of how Radixians were dressed to showcase their independence and freedom of Oneness!

“The ambiance today is uplifting, and yet a corner of our hearts is still healing,” stated Mr. Acharya. ‘The times in which we are now unfurling the Tricolor are unprecedented. The world has faced losses, and so have we. The crisis is grave, and we can only make up for our losses with love. Love is not an emotion, it is an ability, and I believe that every if every Indian does is part dutifully, we will be able to put the worst behind us.”

“Since its inception, Radixweb has proudly borne the flag of a tech powerhouse, cementing the concept of a self-reliant India where everyone matters. As a company, we are delighted to have a team that forms the top 1% of the global talent pool, and we continually strive to give back to those who have been with us on our journey.” Stated Mr. Patel. “We recently celebrated our 21st anniversary, and after being in the market for over two decades, we know the ins and outs of the business. Yet every interaction we have with a client/stakeholder, our primary goal is customer success. We are deeply thankful to our partners, our employees, and our clients for supporting our belief systems and our journey so far.”

As the Tricolor majestically catches the wind at the summit of our HQ, the heart of every Radixian swells with righteous pride. We feel part of the big picture and stand together as Indians, ready to do everything in our power to craft a world where the word “impossible’ no longer exists. Radixweb wishes you a Happy Independence day!

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