Radixians Thrilled the Badminton Court with Super Smashes

Radixians Geared Up at Badminton Court

Winter has come! Yes, it’s the last month of the year, and the temperature is dropping, but Radixian’s enthusiasm to perfectly hit the shuttle was high. At Radixweb, whatever the occasion is, the excitement always stays at its peak.

Radixweb is all about people centric-culture. Our team culture directly influences the way we work and perform. Sports, competitions, and challenges bring us as a team closer. It develops a winning attitude and mindset by overcoming all the odds.

A quote says….

There’s nothing bad about Badminton.

Team Radixweb organized the Badminton tournament to flex the muscles and test Radixians fast-decision making ability. (P.S. Although we are good at it)

All Radixians who participated in our Badminton championship are true lovers of the game. There can’t be anything bad when all the true passionate Badminton players are at the same field.

True Lovers of Badminton from Radixweb

One of the most appealing aspects of Badminton is that it is an indoor sport. Thus, even if it’s scorching hot summer or there’s a snowstorm, you can still play Badminton. This sport doesn’t care about the weather – just like our Radixian’s love for sports.

Watch these stunning sights from the field, where you will experience some amazing shots by our Badmintonists. Those lovely smashes, backhand shots, and the happiness when the shuttlecock lands on the opponent’s court were truly worth watching.

One of our Badmintonist said to present their love for the game:

I like the way the shuttlecock sails smoothly in the air. That feeling when I perfectly smash it across the court with full strength is pleasing. I love badminton a lot. I want to thank Radixweb and the team for organizing this amazing sport.

We asked Maulik Shah, Head, Web Design Services, Radixweb – So, how do sports relate to corporate culture?

In both circumstances, the players are collaborating to achieve a common goal. Great teams figure out how to win.

Badminton Championship at Radixweb

Prashant Parihar, Project Manager, Radixweb, quoted –

Giving your team a shared adversary might bring them closer together. Your office, like sports teams, is likely to be made up of people from various backgrounds, whether economically, culturally, or ethnically. However, if you can offer them a shared aim, barriers fall down and things begin to happen.

The finale was even more enthralling. The scoreboard made it to the end for both the men’s and women’s matches. It started with 0-0 and went till 21-21 (deuce). Each rally was cherished by the audience wholeheartedly.

Every Badmintonists who participated in the competition played their best game. Some of the matches were so exciting that every single-serve, the drop, the smash increased our heartbeat.

Winners of Badminton Championship at Radixweb

But, despite the triumphs, being a part of something bigger than yourself is one of the nicest aspects of not only badminton but all sports. Working with your team members, learning, improving, and conquering obstacles are all things that you can do. The culture, companionship, and time spent “off the field” are all significant factors for any organization.

At Radixweb, we’ve been developing our work culture for over 21 years – moving from a small team to a renowned IT company in Ahmedabad with over 500+ people. This journey taught us many things regarding workplace culture, what is best for our people and clients.

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Are you a person who loves sports and coding equally? Come join our team of techy athletes.

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