Radixians Sharing their Thoughts on Radixweb’s New Workplace

Radixians Sharing their Thoughts On New Office

Sharing the voice of Radixians on Radixweb’s New Office

If you love your workplace – you will adore and enjoy the work a little more!

Yes, Radixians are in love. We’re not talking about royal fairy tales from Buckingham Palace or Hollywood romances.

It’s about where we spend a large part of our awakening hours – our workplace Workpalace, Radixweb’s brand new office, Ekyarth.

Our efficiency is influenced by the spaces in which we work. They either help us become more prosperous individuals or hold us back. The working environment isn’t always where we want to be. But the actual truth is, we’d miss it if it weren’t there.

Radixweb’s new office – Ekyarth, is constructed with futuristic design and infrastructure. Radixians were too excited about their new workplace that is equipped with top-class amenities.

Learning to think different is our approach in everything we do, and our new infrastructure is different, unlike other corporate buildings. Every space, corner tells something about what we do and our culture.

Find out Radixian’s favorite spots of their new corporate house, which is shared in this article.

We asked Radixians to answer a simple question:

What do you love most about your new workplace?

Here’s what they said about the most happening office space:

“ I love the windows surround my corner desk, which provides me with a beautiful view of the birds, trees, and breathtaking vision of the changing light and weather ” – Maulik Shah, Web Design Services

It should come as no surprise that having windows and natural light can help individuals have a better day at work. Among the many advantages of, window-facing desk, one can focus more clearly without putting more strain on the eyes.

“Working in a safe, orderly, and structured atmosphere can help you relax and think more clearly. Our modern infrastructure is designed that boosts creativity in everything we do”– Sarrah Pitaliya, Digital Marketing

Radixweb's New Office Infrastructure

It’s a fact that working in a supportive, healthy environment would improve your well-being and give you a more positive outlook on your career. A good working environment is a secret key to overall business success.

“Ekyarth is made with state-of-the-art modern architecture/exterior/interior and design. My personal favorite being the spacious environment and ultra-modern and unique names given to all floors and workspaces individually”– Naveen Gidwani, Business Development

Radixweb’s new corporate house sports neo-modern features. Each workspace, such as conference, meeting, or training rooms, are given creative names like GeekyX, SysHub, RoboX, Nalanda, Onyx, and much more.

I’m engulfed by the room’s curved form and floor-to-ceiling windows. The cool spaces around the corner allow us to quickly take a break or hold an impromptu meeting with colleagues – Ajay Ojha, Technical Architect

Activity-Based working is a recent concept that addresses many of the issues associated with the open office plan a more conventional office configuration. Radixians work very closely together in open spaces with almost no barrier between them under the vast open work-floor design.

I love the cafeteria and relaxation spaces, where you can chill with colleagues and gain back your energy with lip-smacking snacks. It almost feels like you’re having food on the breezy terrace when you walk into the most happening area of Ekyarth – Pallav Das, Content Team

Life At Radixweb's New Office

Majestic views from the top-floor of Ekyarth is an appropriate description of what people of Radixweb get to experience from their office every day. The entire facade of this space is open that provides a serene view of greenery and the distant skyline.

I like the essence of the interior design of our new workspace! Radixweb has creative zones with innovative, imaginary artworks and canvases to boost the creativity of workforces – Bina Patel, Graphics Designer

Working with fun and good surroundings is vital to feel more deeply connected to your work and the people you work with. Our new infrastructure is designed to keep our team’s comfort and morale high so that we can give our best.

Your office should tell the story of who you are, and at Radixweb’s new workplace; every corner, room, and cabin of the workspace describes the story of dedication, teamwork, and growth of Radixians. Every pattern and curve has some meaning – Vishwesh Patel, Pre-Sales

Creating an office design that can encourage teams and coworkers in positive ways is not an easy task. Although we have ensured that each space, work floors has something unique with theme-based interiors.

The best part of the office is an ultra-modern infrastructure that allows me to perform my work with ease, maximum comfort, and swiftly. Excellent implementation of tools and technology enabling smooth communication with clients – Nihar Raval, Business Development

The new office of Radixweb is equipped with high-end security systems with a 24*7 power supply that enables robust data security at all times. We have an advanced network and dedicated servers for uninterrupted development and client communication.

The atmosphere of our new office gives authentic vibes of world-class corporate infrastructure. Vibrant and energetic environment with a just-perfect mix of professional aura motivates you to unleash your creative side – Pratik Mistry, Business Head

Management and workforces put in the time and effort to create a positive work environment. Radixians are happier and hence perform their tasks efficiently as the atmosphere itself is tranquil. It makes going to work a little less dreadful in the morning.

Radixweb's New Workspace

As Radixians…

We’ve all experienced the joy of walking into a workplace that has the right vibe. You are upbeat and cheerful. The people in your immediate vicinity are communicating with one another with ease. Life at Radixweb is nothing less than a dream workplace – we have got everything to make you enthused throughout the day.

Radixweb’s new office is all about enhancing workspace energy, allowing teams to feel happy, relaxed, and productive. As we have moved to a beautiful and bigger space, we want our team to grow too. Therefore if you’re looking for a career developing opportunity – join our happy team and find Radixian’s secret to success!

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Sarrah Pitaliya is a senior digital marketing manager at Radixweb to precisely navigate strategy for growth, build marketing capabilities, align the organization around customer experience and mentor teams about new digital, social, mobile channels and customer opportunities. Apart from work, she is a fitness freak and coffee connoisseur.