Radix Premier League 2021: A Celebration of Our Culture and Cricket

Radix Premier League – 2021

Winter is a special time. At Radixweb, every task is an occasion when we come together as a unit, deliver excellence and then bask in the adulation of 100% client success. While our tech heroes are wizards of code, they are just as explosive on the green. It was RPL 2021 time, and we at Radixweb geared up to bring in the season’s champs with winter chills and cricket thrills.

RPL 2021 was in full swing, just like the blazing bowling of our Radixian Trent Boults to the sweet-spot smashing batting of our Virat Kohlis. With a culture of collaboration already well ingrained into our psyches, the eight teams vying for the trophy are functioning much like clockwork; Every part is working in perfect sync with the other.

Radixweb stands for flexibility, infusing enthusiasm in its team by allowing them to manage both home and work fronts with ample opportunities and our dynamic culture that allows space for growth and skill development. And being able to spin a ball well enough for it to take the bails off the middle wicket is a skill we Radixians enjoy flaunting. At the same time, RPL 2021 has witnessed massive boundaries hit off of fastballs with the velocity of a speeding bullet. It’s just the way we deal with obstacles- by smashing them out of the park.

RPL - 2021 Celebration

As the leading software development company in Ahmedabad, resilience is yet another value that we live by. An example would be out two decades of operations with no single instance of project failure. This quality of ours also spreads to the pitch where our batsmen stay put for the long haul, be it a match of cricket or a cutting-edge software development project.

This RPL, cricket fever did not just spread across the men’s locker room. The Fem Quotient of Radixweb, tore up the field with equal gusto. The lovely ladies of Radixweb shape-shifted into fierce warriors, smashing massive boundaries, speed of sound bowling and tight fielding. The Women’s teams’ performance was a clear message. We Can!

RPL Women's Cricket 2021

Showing up in their cricketing armor, our girls brought new meaning to the word ‘pitch perfect’. As boundaries whizzed by, wickets fell and the sports spirit reached a crescendo at RPL, Radixweb’s ladies had everyone biting their nails with excitement.

Building a reputation as a formidable opponents that would give even the men’s teams a run for their money, Radixweb’s women’s teams made the pitch their own. The Radixian spirit of putting our best foot forward in everything we do was clearly visible in the thrilling dose of cricket that ensued.

Radixweb Women's Cricket

Being as poised on the pitch as they do at work, RPL’s women’s contingent kept the heat levels high even mid-winter. When asked what prompted such explosive cricket, the women’s teams answered with a laugh. “Why should boys have all the fun?”

Big Hitters and Pacers at RPL - 2021

RPL is all about quality and class. And guess where this ethos comes from? We at Radixweb are proud to be known for our peerless quality. Radixweb pledges to continue delivering innovative tech assets to our clients, fuelling their digital transformation journeys while putting up enthralling displays of world-class cricketing action.

Creativity is another asset that all Radixians possess and makes Radixweb – a Great Place to Work. Be it out-of-the-box thinking or the ability to look beyond the norm while problem-solving, Radixians are encouraged to leverage their creativity in their daily deliverables. To add fact to the discussion, you should come to see our Radixian maestros circumvent even the toughest opposition on the pitch.

Man of the Match Winners of RPL - 2021

As the finale of RPL 2021 approaches, the highlights of this cricket bonanza are still ringing loud and clear in our adrenaline-doused hearts. With an eclectic combination of innovation, drive, and curiosity to venture beyond established norms, Radixweb has taken the cricket pitch as well as the tech world by storm.

You can even check our full scoreboard and upcoming live match score here: https://cricheroes.in/tournament/306528/Radix-Premier-League-2021#PAST_MATCH

As a company, we effectively drive value from consistent innovation, challenge the status quo time and time again, and continue to create ground-breaking solutions. As people, we do the same. And as a cricketer, well, you get the idea.

Winning Vibes at RPL - 2021

RPL 2021 celebrates our promise to sync our talent, knowledge, and capability to the digital transformation and readiness for tomorrow for our people, clients, and customers, and of course, to play excellent cricket.

At Radixweb, the best IT company in Ahmedabad, we believe in the constant development of our people and our services, enabling us to achieve all our goals while being a reliable, resilient, and competent partner to our clients. So, join our team if you desire a career where excellence, is a daily outcome.

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