Radix Offers DotNetNuke Development Service

Radix Offers DotNetNuke Development Service

When it comes to content management system, there are many names making rounds in the market. It can be hard to decide which one is an ideal CMS for your application. At Radix we recommend DotNetNuke or DNN as CMS for web applications.

Benefits of DNN in Website Development

Simple Website Administration: It is easy to publish and manage website content without any programming knowledge or technical skills.

Advanced Features: DNN has wide range of advanced features that can be used in web applications. The framework is also constantly evolving with new upgrades.

Hosting: It is easy to host multiple portals or websites with different looks in DNN’s hosting account. The administrative functions can be divided between host level and individual portal level.

Built-in Tools: DNN framework has built-in tools for security, website theme, hosting, membership, etc. These tools can be used as per requirement.

Customizations: DNN supports customizations to style sheet, font color, design, functionalities, etc. Such customizations can be easily integrated in the solution.

Cost Effective: DNN is open source framework. So it saves license cost and makes the development cycle cost effective.

Global Support: DNN is a CMS based on ASP.Net (Microsoft’s popular development platform). This means it is used and supported by developers from all across the world.

What Makes Radix Ideal for DNN Development

We always believe in delivering more than our client’s expectations. We take that extra step to make sure that our clients get value for their money. We follow a solution centric approach rather than just coding and programming.

We offer end-to-end DNN development services to our clients. We meet their DNN application requirements right from designing to deployment level. The range of our DNN solution development includes:

DNN Skin Designing
When design meets concept it becomes a brand. At Radix we try to deliver a branded solution instead of just a DNN website. We design unique and conceptual skins for DNN. We design skins that match your business logo and industry’s preferred colors. The design also includes all major functionalities that you need in your website.

Another important aspect of DNN skin is integration. Most DNN development companies find it difficult to integrate custom designed DNN skins. However we specialize in ASP.Net and web designing. So it is easy for us to integrate customized DNN skins in a seamless manner.

DNN Module Development
We have the ability to develop custom modules that satisfy unique business requirements of clients from versatile business domains. Our module integration makes your DNN application extensible and scalable. It also improves your website’s functionalities and enhances its usability and performance.

Along with development we also offer to integrate DNN modules in a ready DNN solution. We can integrate off-the-shelf modules for forums, blogs, news, SEO, document workflow, media gallery, form builder, surveys, announcements etc. We can also integrate modules specially developed for a DNN application by a third party.

DNN Installation and Configuration

We offer to configure and install DNN websites for our clients. We configure and install DNN modules, skins, navigation, RSS feeds, subscription forms, web2.0 features etc. We can configure an administrative account if needed by our client. We provide support to multiple websites with single installation.

DNN Migration

Another important aspect of our DNN service is migration. We offer to migrate existing websites of our clients to DNN. We migrate websites with their current theme, layout, content, design, and functionalities. We can also integrate advanced functionalities to websites migrated to DNN. Another important aspect of migration is data. We make sure that our migration process does not compromise the data of your application in any manner.

DNN Maintenance and Support

There are many few companies that offer maintenance and support services for DNN applications. We are one of them. We support DNN applications with latest tools and features. We offer technical support for bug fixing, feature enhancement, and code cleanup. We integrate third party APIs if needed by our clients. Our maintenance and support services include:

  • Upgradation of DNN features & standards
  • Upgradation of DNN versions
  • Ongoing support
  • Performance optimization in database & application
  • DNN security bulletin & security patch monitoring

Quality Analysis & Testing

We offer quality analysis and testing services for DNN applications. We analyze and cross check quality of all features, functions, modules, plug-ins, and other aspects. We check application code to remove redundancy, output for accuracy, and security level of the app. We guide our clients in validation and authentication of application workflow and operations. We share detailed test cases or reports with clients and give suggestions for improvements.

Custom DNN Development

Our core strength is custom development. We develop custom DNN applications that meet unique and special requirements of our clients. We work with readily available plug-ins and widgets. But we develop custom items whenever needed. We customize designs, functionalities, features, processes, and even workflows if required by a business. We can also easily configure and deploy such custom developed DNN apps.

For more info about our offshore DNN development services visit us at http://www.dotnetnuke-developer.org/.

To know more about Radix get in touch with us at http://radixweb.com/.

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