Principles of Outsourcing at Radix

Principles Of Outsourcing At Radix

Outsourcing is not a foolproof business arrangement. If it clicks, it can do wonders for you. But if it fails, it can be a real nightmare. Radix has been working as a technology outsourcing partner for many global clients for more than a decade now. We understand the pains and challenges of outsourcing.

So we have evolved below given principles to make outsourcing easy and beneficial for our clients.

Principle 1: Understand Their Needs

Our clients come to us with certain set of requirements. If we do not understand them we won’t be able to deliver. So we listen to them carefully describe their need. We differentiate between what they really need and what they expect.

  • Document initial client conversations
  • Identify real business needs
  • Classify needs based on their priorities
  • Share classification with client and development team

Principle 2: Perform Feasibility Checks

We do not believe in making over-commitments. We say “No” if we feel that we cannot deliver. For this we perform extensive analysis on client’s requirements. We check for:

  • Technical environment feasibility
  • Operating system feasibility
  • Scope for enhancement in existing application
  • Budgetary limitations

Principle 3: Standardize Development Process

At many companies the requirement gathering and analysis part goes fine. But things start going haywire during development stage in absence of standardization. At Radix we have standardized our development process.

  • Project is divided into phases.
  • Establish project completion milestones.
  • Authority to monitor progress and compliance with best practices.
  • Regular reporting on progress made.

Principle 4: Only Deliver Quality

If there is one thing we do not compromise on that is quality. We believe that our clients deserve the best. So we work hard to deliver best of quality that matches their expectations.

  • Test the application
  • Evaluate process flow and final outcome
  • Check compliance with quality standards
  • Offer technical support post delivery

Principle 5: Protect Intellectual Property

Loss of intellectual property or critical business info is always presented as a hazard of outsourcing. So at Radix we have taken steps to assure our clients that their business info and digital assets are secure and unsolicited.

  • Information security policy in place
  • Non-disclosure agreements with clients
  • Confidentiality contracts for employees
  • Handover of source code on project closure

Principle 6: Transparent Communication

Half the problems in outsourcing arrangements arise due to ambiguous communications. At Radix we have made a conscious effort to keep our communications simple and clear to avoid these problems.

  • Competent people trained in soft skills
  • Employees trained to bridge cultural gaps
  • Periodic sessions to brush up employee communication skills
  • Use different means of communication

These 6 principles have guided us in all our offshore development projects. As a result our clients don’t see us as just an outsourcing company. They see us as their offshore business partner.

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