Post-pandemic Life at Radixweb: What’s New

Post Pandemic Life At Radixweb

Everything was new and different in 2020 but one thing never changed – Our commitment to putting employees and customer first while delivering continuous innovations.

Sustaining business continuity throughout the pandemic enforced lockdown and continually delivering excellence to our clients even with an entirely remote workforce, we at Radixweb have now begun operations from our corporate house, working with just 50% of our team while the remaining 50% telecommute.

Radixweb recently celebrated 20 years of operations and from our experience, we know that our people are the lifeblood of our organization and the fuel that powers our consistent successes. And therefore, their continued safety is, was, and will always continue to be of vital importance to us.

Radixweb offered a strong sense of certainty throughout the lockdown to its people and its clients with an infallible promise of consistent and effective operations.

As lockdown restrictions on our states and cities get lifted, it has become imperative for companies to develop and implement new strategies and follow all safety precautions ordained by healthcare authorities. Radixweb has developed a social and physical infrastructure that is well aware of all guidelines and recommendations laid down and has gone to great lengths to ensure that post-pandemic life at Radixweb is as fulfilling, productive, and safe as it was before the outbreak. So what’s new at Radixweb in our post-pandemic pivot? Let get to it.

1. Safety is Mandatory

At Radixweb, we have educated our help staff of the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and have deployed additional resources to symptom screen procedures. Symptom screening starts at our front gate as Radixians enter office premises to start the workday. We allow Radixians to return home if they are running higher temperatures.

Our security personnel perform a contactless temperature check at the entry, and close to the end of the day, a dedicated team makes rounds of the entire office, checking and recording every employee’s temperature across departments and floors. Any employee who feels ill is encouraged to take sick-time off to acquire immediate medical assistance and a thorough health check-up.

While every Radixian puts his/her best foot forward when coming to work, we have a strict ‘no mask-no entry’ policy—wearing masks at all times while at the office is mandatory.

We also have additional HR policies and ongoing benefits to cater to employees who test positive for coronavirus. For our people’s safety, Radixweb has tied up with a leading insurance provider to offer comprehensive COVID-19 aligned insurance policies to our employees, thus ensuring no hiccups in diagnosis and treatment.

2. Social Distancing Norms

Radixweb has always been a bustling hub of activity with regular stand-up meetings, an open-door office, and an inclusive community of like-minded individuals.

But with the pandemic and the social distancing norms that came with it, Radixweb quickly adapted to the situation to maintain business continuity and continue to be aligned with the government’s healthcare recommendations of social distancing.

After reconfiguring our worksites, Radixians sit six feet apart from each other at their work desks. The same goes for seating arrangements in different spaces such as our conference rooms, brainstorm areas, and even our cafeteria.

Working With All Social Distancing Norms At Radixweb

3. Frequent Sanitization

Radixweb understands the ‘butterfly effect .’ We have placed sanitization stations at every entry point to eliminate contamination situations, be it the main entrance, our reception area, floor turnstiles, pantry area, and our cafeteria. Employees are given a personal supply of hand-sanitizer right at their desks.

Radixweb encourages Radixians to sanitize as often as possible. Our supply of hand-sanitizer is never-ending and is not worth the continued safety of even a single employee across hierarchies and functions.

4. After-Work Protocols

Radixweb has deployed a dedicated team of support staff for every floor where employee workstations are disinfected daily and made safe for our employees. We spare no effort in maintaining after-work sanitization protocols to keep our worksites contamination-free.

We have taken all high-traffic areas and touchpoints such as door handles, switches, and elevator buttons into consideration and disinfect them as a new-normal routine.

5. The ‘People’s Elbow’

It has been close to a year that our tightly knit teams have not seen each other in the flesh. Greetings and displays of camaraderie are therefore bound to happen. Unfortunately, physical contact is a carrier of the infection, and consequently, friendly high-fives are out of the question (unless both parties are wearing disposable gloves.) So how do we greet each other given that we have consistently struck the right chord when it comes to work life balance? Simple. The ever-popular ‘people’s elbow.’ It is two peoples touching elbows to greet each other instead of shaking hands.

These might seem a little frivolous, but with simple modifications to how we greet each other at work, we can eliminate contamination risk.

The People’s Elbow

6. The Daily commute

Opting for public transportation is a high-risk situation in terms of the spread of coronavirus. Most Radixians opt for Alternative modes of transportation like bikes and cars, where exposure is limited to just one other person is advised. Radixians who opt for public transport ensure that the vehicle is contamination-free and other passengers follow social distancing norms.

Reality bytes straight from Radixians

Here are a few bytes, our busy Radixians made time for-

  • “I come to work as I enjoy ‘the cared for approach’ and feel safe at my workplace because of the extensive sanitization measures.”
  • “While at work, I know that my efforts are being directed in the right direction and that my output will provide value.”
  • “Our leaders have done an excellent job in making our workspace a 100% contamination-free zone where I can focus on work and not worry about carrying contaminants home.”
  • “Radixweb has offered me the flexibility to work from home. Telecommuting is a different yet enjoyable experience.”

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In summation

Radixweb understands how crucial the reassessing and restructuring of business-critical services are, given the immense pressure of the COVID-19 crisis. With a rapid response deployed at an organizational level to ‘de-risk, safeguard and maintain continuity and business excellence.

As stated earlier, we at Radixweb know that the most critical business factor is our people’s health and safety. Daunting though it was, the adjustment of our workplace policies regarding Covid-19 safety norms has gone through smoothly thanks to our excellent leadership and the invaluable contribution of all Radixians. We now know that an abundance of caution is possibly the greatest weapon we possess against the infection.

In these unprecedented post-pandemic times, it is ‘trust’ that will keep the wheel turning. This trust stems from leaders exhibiting their care for individuals as well as the workforce and the community. It requires leadership that is proactive instead of reactive and can anticipate the changing needs of their people. At Radixweb, every Radixian plays an active role in creating a flexible, contamination-free workplace, ready for a world post-COVID. If you wish to be a part of our tribe, and turbocharge your career, then drop us a line, and we will get in touch.

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