Orchard CMS Development at Radix

Orchard CMS Development At Radix

For a long time PHP has been the uncontested leader of open source technologies. But Microsoft has stepped up the ante. The leader is facing mighty competition from some Dotnet based open source technologies. Orchard is one such CMS making waves in open source.

Orchard is an ASP.Net MVC framework based content management system. Popularly referred to as Orchard Project, it brings together a whole community of Dotnet based open source developers. This community works on the development of reusable and versatile repository of Asp.Net components.

In its early days Orchard was a common platform for Dotnet programmers to share their analysis on business hurdles caused by some components and how to overcome them. Microsoft supported this platform during initial stage through its own resources. But soon Orchard moved to community support called OuterCurve Foundation.

Birth of Orchard CMS

After devoted efforts of Microsoft and OuterCurve Foundation, Orchard Project became Orchard CMS in 2010. Over the past two years Orchard has bloomed with development of several business centric and user friendly components. It has grown into a popular CMS that allows developers to:

  • Create communities to enhance development
  • Build strong reusable components
  • Address common programming challenges

Orchard CMS 1.3 was launched in 2011 and today we have Orchard CMS 1.6 that was launched on October 27, 2012. This version allows developers to develop robust and dynamic web applications with rich features and functionalities.

Orchard Application Development at Radix

Radix is an early adopter of Orchard and has achieved competency in developing applications with Orchard CMS. We contribute to the Orchard open community via code submissions, translations, feature recommendations, and feedback.

We cover the below given spectrum of services in Orchard development.

Orchard Web Design

We design creative and conceptual Orchard application themes. Our designs are relative in the sense that they represent your business to your customers. Our designs focus on your branding, business processes, and even customer preferences. We design and integrate personalized themes and templates for Orchard applications.

Orchard Module Development & Integration

We develop and integrate Orchard modules in your application for rich set of functionalities. We integrate modules that simplify your online business processes and add value. Some of the most popular Orchard modules that we have added to Orchard applications include:

  • Tags module
  • Recent tweet module
  • Custom navigation module
  • Social networking module
  • Syntax highlighter module
  • User module

We also specialize in developing custom modules to address unique business requirements. We focus on application user friendliness and real business need when developing custom modules.

Orchard Plug-in Development

We integrate default or custom plug-ins in Orchard applications according to requirements. We identify the right plug-in to work seamlessly with your Orchard CMS version. We have integrated popular plug-ins for geo-mapping, web analytics, advance security, message boards, media library, content rating, private messages, etc.

Custom Orchard Development

Businesses may appear to be similar but the fact is that they are all different. They all have unique set of requirements which a standard solution may or may not be able to fulfill. So we develop custom Orchard applications that address these unique needs and help you achieve your business objective.

Our custom development service includes:

  • Custom theme designing and integration
  • Custom controls, modules, and plug-ins
  • Custom currency support
  • Custom integration
  • Custom language support

Our team of Orchard developers can create custom features like rich text editors, commenting features, page templates, blogs, CMS pages, membership controls, user roles, etc. We have used custom Orchard development for corporate websites, enterprise portals, online communities and forums, e-commerce applications etc.

In addition to quality development we also offer reliable service to our clients. We add value to our application development by complementing it with solution support and handholding service.

Admin Walkthrough: We train our clients on how to use their application’s admin panel and update content, add/delete/modify pages, etc, update banners, etc.

Support: We offer technical support to our clients after project delivery and help them with technical issues. We also offer maintenance and feature upgrade service.

Consultancy: We guide our clients on various aspects like upcoming trends, ideal third party APIs for their application, latest releases, etc.

We believe in developing longstanding relationships with our clients. So we focus on development and service.

To hire Orchard developers visit http://www.dot-net-developer.net/hire-orchard-developers.html.

To know more about Radix visit our corporate website www.radixweb.com.

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