Key Enterprise Mobility Trends You Need to Know

Key Enterprise Mobility Trends You Need To Know

Mobiles have taken up everything. Isn’t it? Right from work, entertainment to even handling big projects, mobile is becoming a must-have extension in the world of technology. Professionals today are no longer working in a space where they have to be present under one roof to finish off a task. Thanks to enterprise mobility, there is a rise in work-from-home model where employees of the same organization are in different parts of the world and in different time zones- yet work seamlessly.

A path breaking enterprise mobility trend, this is an approach that facilitates employees to do their jobs from anywhere using a variety of devices and applications. Although ‘enterprise mobility’ is a term that is commonly referred to the use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets for business purposes, it also covers the managed mobility of corporate data and of course, the workers themselves.

Since its inception, experts of enterprise mobility management have been focussed to resolve real time issues by strategizing, prioritizing and fast tracking implementation of mobile solutions. While security risk is a huge matter of concern for many companies to adopt this service, latest technologies for enterprise mobility management have enabled the IT departments to address any security threat. At the same time, many companies have also implemented policies for employees that has helped contribute to a successful enterprise mobility strategy. As per a report by Strategy Analytics, the popularity of enterprise mobility is on a rise across organizations.

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Looking at the emerging enterprise mobility trends a large number of mobile applications too have been developed and designed to enhance collaboration and productivity among people, changing the way companies used to work. However, it is preferable to seek help from technology partners that provide enterprise mobility management services. As every corporate infrastructure has its own requirement which needs to be addressed with tailor-made mobile solutions integrated with the most innovative technologies and latest enterprise mobility trends to yield maximum benefits and improve ROI.

Mobile explosion is an understatement today. Devices and applications have not only changed the way we work but are pushing companies to modify their existing strategies to introduce managed mobility. If you have been contemplating the same looking at the enterprise mobility trends, then let us take you through a few advantages of fine-tuned enterprise mobility management:

  • It enhances employee productivity by giving flexibility to perform the desired business tasks at their discretion.
  • Managed mobility increases quality of service as it allows companies to streamline their operations and improve overall service delivery.
  • It reduces the operational cost to a great extent.
  • Enterprise mobility empowers the field workers to perform their duties in the best possible manner by sharing information, concerns and grievances in real time.
  • It fires up customer satisfaction as employees are able to communicate with their customers faster, address complaints, and handle their problems in an effective manner than ever before.

Now that you are aware of the few benefits of enterprise mobility management, let’s look at latest enterprise mobility trends to know why is it essential for your business:

Must Adapt Enterprise Mobility Trends for Your Business

Freedom to Use Various Devices

Enterprise applications are not built for a variety of devices, thanks to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy that’s taking shape. Although providing ‘everything everywhere’ strategies are many a time unachievable, looking at the pace at which new devices are introduced to the market, all with their own user interactions, the day is not far away when developers will soon come up with a solution to enable co-workers to download and use applications, irrespective of the device they own.

One of the most popular enterprise mobility trends, the freedom to bring one’s own device at work increases the ease of collaboration and hence the productivity. This is a crucial aspect in today’s business scenario where connectivity and communication play a major role. While seamless connectivity comes at a cost for a business, the amount of hardware invested in significantly drops down.

However, the BYOD situation also puts critical business data at risk. This challenge can be resolved with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) that address security challenges and use mobility solutions to their advantage.

HTML5 as an Enterprise Strategy

User experience is a success measure for mobility projects. HTML5 has not only reduced the dependency on other plugin applications by bringing in enriched media elements, but has become a preferred choice for developing cross platform applications (apps that run on all platforms, even in offline mode).

Cloud Computing

One of the most sought after enterprise mobility trend for its power in terms of scalable computing among technology entrepreneurs, cloud computing will soon be at the heart of enterprise mobility.

Storage can hinder the optimum use of a mobile phone given the amount of data a company needs to store in order to encourage enterprise mobility. Cloud storage with its unmatched maturity complies with the overall demand of a company for data storage while giving them access to information, anytime and anywhere.

An enterprise mobility trend that provides a future scope of integration and interoperability of the software services is Hybrid Cloud. It is an environment where personal and private clouds interact. Hybrid could also have an added advantage of reducing the infrastructure cost while addressing protection and control of mission critical workload to a considerable extent.

Contribution of Big Data and Analytics

Big data brings cost effective and innovative forms of information processing when dealing with huge data volumes, variety and complexity, enhancing insight and decision making processes for achieving business success. At the same time, mobile analytics will help you find game changing insights and predictive models by keeping control on the pulse of your business data which you can use to reduce risks, make smart decisions, and deliver breakthrough customer experience.

While enterprise mobility trends make them a lucrative option it is essential to eliminate roadblocks before implementing this technology. As enterprise mobility is not a standalone technology, it is crucial that it forms a part of your overall strategy, complementing the goals and the objectives. Policies are equally important as without them there wouldn’t be mutual collaboration among its users. Understanding mobility strategy will ensure effective monitoring and visibility while safeguarding security issues and reducing the costs down the road. Along with, also ensure that you have policies and remedies for any stolen devices, outages and compromised user credentials or violations to prevent any unwarranted situations.

Gadgets like the mobile phone are becoming the mainstay of work and business in all domains. A large chunk of organizations have already embraced enterprise mobility to stay in the race. If you are yet to jump on the bandwagon, this is the right time to go digital with it. Investing in enterprise mobility solutions today is a promising opportunity that would open new idea with higher productivity, reduced hardware costs, enhanced collaboration, and improved efficiencies.

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