iPhone Application Development Service by Radix

IPhone Application Development Service By Radix

iPhone is definitely one of the most sought after smartphones today. The mobile market has seen the launch of several advanced smartphones. However none of them have come close to Apple’s iPhone. And this popularity is not just limited to users gushing about iPhone. Even the developer world is excited about iPhone and its iStore.

The Apple iStore has apps available for different purposes. There are music apps, gaming apps, social networking apps, etc. Radix has been contributing apps to Apple’s iStore.

We have an in-house team that offers iPhone application development services. We develop iPhone apps with large set of features and functionalities. Our iPhone apps can be made proprietarily or freely available on app stores.

Our iPhone app development process involves several stages.

Idea Generation: Any great app starts from a good idea. So we first work on developing an idea that can be translated into a mobile app. We create a concept for a product, service, or particular target market. This idea or concept is then put through design phase.

Designing: Once we have the concept on hand we focus on designing it. We create a design that makes the app attractive and user friendly. The app’s design should appeal to the target audience and should be convenient to use.

Development: After design the next stage is development. We integrate the design and develop rich features and functionalities. We can develop custom features to meet special or typical requirements.

Testing: Quality check and testing is an important step in our app development process. We test the app for stability, output, load time, processing, and user friendliness.

Delivery: Once the app is approved for delivery by testing team we then focus on delivery. We hand over the app source code along with all IP assets to the client.

Submission: If required, we help our client submit the app on app stores. We complete the submission process on behalf of our client and get their app listed in their own name on app stores.

So what kind of iPhone apps can we develop? Our answer is wide variety. We can develop apps that can make your iPhone a music hub, entertainment hub, gaming zone, or even a business tool. We have developed following apps for iPhone users:

Gaming App: We have developed a memory game app that has different complexity levels, scoreboard system, and random auto load of images.

Friend Finder App: We have developed a friend locator app that has GPS integration, invitation sending facility, notifications of invitations received with accept and reject options, ability to track online and offline friends, etc.

Publishing App: We have developed an app to post online and offline ads in newspapers.

Information Sharing App: We have developed an information sharing app that has photo gallery and videos from YouTube.

In addition to these we have developed other apps that are under our confidentiality contracts.

In addition to our domain expertise and experience in the industry there are other highlights of our iPhone development service. We do have a strong development team. But we also have a design team that creates stunning user interfaces for the app. Our development team follows coding practices aligned to Apple guidelines.

We offer protection to IP property and hand over the source code in final delivery. We sign non-disclosure agreements to protect project specifications from unwarranted disclosures.

We believe that no app should be delivered without testing it properly. We have a separate quality analysis team that checks the apps thoroughly and generates app test reports. The quality control team checks the code, user interface, loading time, request processing time, output, etc.

We also offer consulting services for iOS – iPhone’s app development platform. We work with latest iOS versions. But we also see to it that our iPhone apps are compatible with comparatively older versions.

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