How to Hire the Ideal Mobile App Developer in 2021

How to Hire Mobile App Developers?

Do you have an idea for mobile app, completely designed on paper, but now you need a mobile app developer to build it?


Do you have an online business idea for which you need a mobile app developer?


Have you in the past worked with a mobile app developer, did not have a great experience and are now in the market, wiser but looking to hire mobile app developer?

In all three scenarios, the common end goal is to hire dedicated mobile app developers who are going to deliver what you envisioned when you set out designing the app.

This is the person you have to be associated for the long term, as replacing them mid-way will be challenging in terms of –

  • meeting the project timeline
  • fresh negotiations
  • undoing and redoing all that has been done so far

In summation, you must hire app developer only when you are completely confident that you can work with them and you feel they will deliver what you want while staying aligned and in some case even ahead of recent mobile app development trends. The big question now is, how and where to find them and what should the hiring criteria be?

Clearly define objectives

Before you embark on your search for a mobile app developer, first clearly define the objectives for which you are hiring them. The scope of work, for instance can include their participation from the point where you start defining the various functions and navigations of the app. Are you designing the app for an existing business or a new start-up? Both cases are critical, as in the instance of an existing business, the app must reflect the company’s brand image and for a start-up, the app will be the first interface of the business. In both cases, it must not fail with the customers.

With a clearly defined objective of the end result, you must be aware of the costing. If the app has a simple interface with a few navigations, it will cost less than a complex interface with multiple tabs. You may want to initially build a simple interface app and then add more tabs as it takes off, based on its performance. Knowing the level of simplicity or complexity will also help in defining the app development timeline, including the various iterations in the process. The factors that influence the complexity of application development are shown below –

Defining App Development Timelines

What should you look for?

1. A little market research

Check the market to see what mobile app developers are currently working on. You can see the app market and see what work has been done on similar apps that offer some of the services you are offering. Get an idea of costing and payoffs. Look at what programming languages are being used. Understanding these basic matters will help in communication and negotiation when you hire mobile app developer.

2. Experience matters

Before you hire app developer, see how experienced they are. Have they worked with the different mobile app platforms and complex integration such as web and mobile app integration, payment gateway integration, adding protecting SSL layer, etc. among other things?

Hiring a Mobile App Developers

3. Communication

Communication is the key to working, whether it is outsourcing or building an in-house team. When you hire dedicated mobile app developers, both of you must be on the same page in terms of envisioning what the app will look like and the functions it will perform. Multiple iterations can result in changing the face and functions of the app.

4. Understanding of ideas

You must present a clear idea of your business needs, concept behind the app and the target audience. Only if the app developer understands these aspects will he/she be able to respond to your requirements. If still unsure consider these tips for mobile app development.

Which is better when you hire mobile app developer – outsource or in-house team?

You have the option to hire a freelancer or a dedicated mobile app development company. If you have a simple app, then going with a freelancer may be alright, as it does not require too much development work. However, it is advisable to choose a mobile app development company as they have multiple app developers who are domain specialists, team of designers, license to develop on different platforms and using various technologies. You will also benefit from their recommendations to choose the right technologies and understanding of market.

Mobile App Development : Outsourcing Vs In-House

When and Where to start the search to hire app developer?

If the concept is ready, then it is time to start the search for an app developer. You should be able to describe the target market, app concept, and the solution it provides. If you have rough wireframes, that would be great in giving a clear picture of final outcome. Some places where you can look to hire a dedicated mobile app developer are –

  • Freelance websites
  • There are some websites where freelance mobile app developers post their resumes, and you can post your requirements. The advantage of hiring via these sites is that the candidates are vetted and you don’t have to perform background checks.

  • Tech blogs
  • Who could know best about app development but and app developer who contributes to a tech blog site? Tech blog site are also a great place to read about mobile applications who has developed them. you can find mobile app development companies who have worked with similar apps to what you want to design or the platform you want to build on.

  • B2B directories
  • There are B2B directories that offer information, reviews, and ratings.

  • Search engine
  • You can search using the right keywords and be redirected to the best mobile app developers or development companies.

  • Your network
  • Word-of-mouth recommendation from the network is also effective as you can first-hand see the work and get the review from trusted source of the mobile app developer before hiring them.

    Ask the right questions

    Here are a few basic questions that should cover all the relevant information you will require before entering into describing your mobile app development needs.

    1. What kind of experience do you have?

    You can learn how a mobile app development company works by looking at their portfolio and reading case studies. You can request them to present case studies or portfolio of apps they have designed in the niche your app falls in. Due to non-disclosure agreements, a company may not be at liberty to post all their projects in their portfolio. In such circumstances, you can ask them if they have any relevant experience. The website also reflects the level of professionalism and experience of a company.

    2. Any client references?

    You can find out what clients say about the app developer from checking their website where client testimonials are posted. You can also ask for references or links to apps they have developed. You should be able to find the app developer on B2B review sites and see what previous clients have to say about them.

    3. Market segments they have worked in

    The mobile app developer may not have worked with clients from the same industry as you, but they should have experience in creating similar apps or app functions. In fact, a diverse market segment experience can help them add value to your app as they will bring in fresh user perspective.

    Questions for Hiring Mobile App Developers

    4. What technologies do they use?

    You may not be in the IT industry, but do some research to understand which technology will be most suited for developing your app. When you hire a mobile app developer, you must be clear what aspects of development you need them for. For instance, if it is only for frontend development. Look at the technologies the app developer uses and it they match the technologies being used by your in-house development team. In case of complete end-to-end development, you should research of technology and programming tools they use for frontend and backend development.

    5. Ready to sign the NDA

    Signing the Non-disclosure agreement is a necessity to ensure that the intellectual property rights of every aspect of the app is protected and not replicated by the company without your consent. It will protect your concept, codes, and finished product.

    6. What will be the development timeline?

    You have to clearly define what type of app is being developed, even if you do not go into the details in the beginning. With that clarity you will be able to create a job description and begin your search to hire dedicated mobile app developers. Based on the description, the developer can enumerate the phases and the length of each phase.

    Once you have shortlisted the candidates, you can do a SWOT analysis to see which developer would best fit your project requirement. Clarify all your concerns so that there is very little room for doubt and go ahead to hire the mobile app developer for your application.

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