How To Hire .Net Developers from India

How To Hire .Net Developers From India

You can find almost anything and anyone over the internet. The same holds true for developers. But finding good developers….. ugh that’s a pain in the neck.

Internet has bridged the vast distances in global business. Many companies have realized the benefits of hiring offshore developers to achieve business success. Hiring in-house employees is a tough task that adds to the burden of corporate administration, internal communications, compliance with legal rules, government liaison etc. Therefore, it’s prudent for companies to exploit the potential of an offshore dedicated team instead of having in-house developers.

Now, what parameters would you assess when hiring .Net developers? Is profound knowledge and experience in ASP.NET programming and development enough? Not at all. You need developers who can adopt robust, dynamic and scalable web applications through modern technologies.

They should be able to easily code ASP.NET applications in the most compatible languages including C#, and VB.NET pages because it’s a part of Visual Studio .NET Framework. These pages also known as Web Forms are compiled and stored on web servers for optimum performance.

There are some critical pointers you need to look out for before hiring offshore .NET developers:

You need to verify whether the coding standards that developers follow are real-time standards or not. Likewise, they should possess a solution centric approach. They should be completely dedicated to your project and should not only help with the coding but also the analyzing, designing and testing part.

Look before you Leap for .NET developers

Hiring offshore .NET developers should not be a blind leap of faith. You need to have strong economies of scale backing up your business decision. You need the business benefits to be visible upfront to justify your offshore team.

India experiences tremendous growth in software applications development. Timeframe development process is also much easier in India. However, if an offshore team is unable to suffice your distinct needs, it claims no place in your business strategy. In such a case, an offshore .NET team can prove to be an expensive affair rather than delivering cost advantage.

However, it has been observed that dedicated .NET developers can help in the migration of your existing ASP based applications to ASP.NET framework while ensuring that the functionality and data remains intact.

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