Happy Hours at Radixweb – Edition 4

Happy Hours at Radixweb Edition 4

Hey there! 👋🏻

It’s already a month since I started this series of Happy Hours at Radixweb –the responses are overwhelmingly amazing. Thank you for all the support 😊

This series was just started as a fun experiment and share the insiders’ stories of Radixweb with you all. And now, writing this series has become the best task of my week.

We have already reached edition four, and in this post, you’ll see four new addition to our team last week!

If you are new here, then you can browse through all past editions.

We Have New Additions In This Edition

Radixweb New Joinees

Warm greetings and best wishes for your new role as part of our expanding team. On behalf of all the members, I congratulate and welcome you all. We are pleased to have you on board! 😃

Welcome to Radix Family

Ishan Kapoor Joins Radixweb

Ishan has joined as Sr. Business Development Executive – so you’ll find him researching for creative ways to identify and drive new business opportunities. He’s passionate about exploring new places and reading fiction novels.

Rutvik Sharma Joins Radixweb

Coming to Rutvik in his free time, Rutvik generally skims through dribble, Behance, Instagram, and Pinterest. He follows and reads the latest trends of graphics and UI/UX designs.

When he’s off work, he usually loves traveling and heed to motivational podcasts instead of listening to songs. So if someday you are feeling low, you can have a chat with Rutvik to get super motivated. 😂

Jigar Shah Joins Radixweb

When anyone summons Jigar, two faces turn at the same time. Yes, you got it right! We now have two Jigar in our team.

Jigar Shah is an avid reader and tech enthusiast. He’s capable enough to change your world with his words. Moreover, he’s quite active on Quora and Twitter. Hence, Jigar could easily make a meme out of the recent trends.

A cup of tea and a good book make an ideal weekend for him. He loves to explore the places and step into the people’s shoes to know about their traditions and cultures.

Arpit Pawar Joins Radixweb

Talking of Arpit, he likes to work on and explore modern technologies. He prefers to go on adventurous trips such as hiking, water sports, and much more. Arpit has an adorable pet dog that greets him whenever he reaches home.

Our team is expanding! 😃 You will find me writing more about the new team members in my upcoming editions. But not only people join us, they stay –because Radixweb’s culture makes working fun and less stressful.

Fantastic Fifteen Years 🤩

Bharat Completed 15 Years At Radixweb

May you continue your journey of prosperity with pride on this lovely and delightful day of your Corporate anniversary! We wish you happiness and success for many more years!

Bharat is an amazing project manager who successfully plans, executes, monitors, controls, and closes complex projects. You have been an essential part of Radixweb’s journey and success.

Ravindra Completed 15 Years At Radixweb

It’s been nearly a half-decade since you joined us and, with your great skill, helped us achieve what appeared impossible. Today is your fifth work anniversary, and we like to send you the warmest work anniversary greetings.

Ravindra assists his team in gathering and documenting user requirements and creating user stories, estimates, and work plans. He also helps prepare software status, operation, maintenance reports, manuals, and other documentation.

When it comes to sports Ravindra is also a good soccer and badminton player.🏸 He loves visiting places having historical significance and click pictures.

Resuming Work From Home Office

Resuming Work From Our Office

So finally, Radixians were super excited to resume their work from the new office. It’s been more than a year and a half when everyone was stuck at home due to a pandemic.

However, as things are getting back to normal and with all the safety measures – Radixians resumed work operations from their brand new office.

Here are some enthusiastic Radixians who shared their thought of getting back to work from the office.

Bina Working From Office

Sarrah Pitaliya Working From Office

Sanjay Working From Office

Ishit Working From Office

Life at Radixweb is vibrant and gives you totally a different vibe – that can’t be experienced at home. You get new ideas just by interacting with your peers. And how can we forget the 6th floor – where teams share their favorite snacks. 🍔

Well, for me resuming work from the office is fun. I met my old colleagues with whom I used to spend most of my awakening hours 😁. Then we shared our work home stories and experiences.

That’s it for this edition, hope you all had fun – although for me it was 😉

BTW! Till now, you already know how amazing Radixweb’s workplace and culture are – so if you wish to be part of our team, check out our current opening; we are hiring!

See you all in the upcoming edition. Take care and keep smiling 😃

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