Live Better, Work Better – Nurturing your growth at Radixweb

Live Better, Work Better at Radixweb

Do you feel sleepy after having your office lunch at noon?

-Don’t worry. We enjoy Tea-five with active conversations.

Are you a fitness freak?

– We work analytically to let you flex your mind-muscle regularly.

Do you get bored after long client meetings and calls?

– Boredom gets shooed away when you get to admire breath-taking views with refreshments served hot!

Are you a foodie?

-Well, you know what I mean (laughs).

We at Radixweb might even ask you why what did you fail at this week? Yes, it may sound crazy. Although we believe failure is necessary, and it can lead to good better results.

That’s why teams at Radixweb are encouraged to work on projects outside their department and participate in activities that are designed to inspire a competitive edge.

One quick fact! If you’re friends with anyone at Radixweb, you’d never…never hear this from him/her. “It was a long and monotonous day at work.”

Read on to know why Radixians are happier than others.

Freedom, Responsibility, and Ownership

Freedom, Responsibility, and Ownership

India celebrates its independence once a year. But we at Radixweb, cherish individual perspectives every day.

We believe feeling happy and satisfied is obligatory for an outstanding performance at work. Managing your working hours effectively, being values for your thoughts and ideas, and simply being yourself all the time are the best ways to be on your A game.

We strongly iterate that people feel enthused if they have the opportunity to select: their way of working, their growth plan, or their timetable.

This is the reason our C suite often encourages the workforce to work out solutions by themselves as this instigates a sense of belonging within the organization, and in return we get highly creative and practical approaches for any hurdle.

At Radixweb, responsibilities and ownership go hand-in-hand. We have observed that granting a team the freedom of choice, always makes them responsible for the consequences.

The combination of two provides a sense of control within a team. According to recent studies, — psychological ownership is one of the most substantial causes of work engagement and satisfaction.

Our workplace independence and “ownership” is about understanding the responsibility of what’s on the line for the squad and leveraging it to inspire individuals to achieve their goals. Our’s is a simple, employee-focussed, and practical approach to fulfill the organization’s objective and to enhance the overall performance of our team.

Broadening the Learning curve

Broadening the Learning curve At Radixweb

“Learning to think different” approach is what you’d find in Radixians. At Radixweb, we first figure out where an individual stands at present. Next, we help them envision a better future. And then, do the hard smart work to bridge the gaps between their work process and goals.

There’s a reason why most corporate learning infrastructures fail. These programs used for formal and professional training are generally leveraged only at intervals. However, here at Radixweb, continuous monitoring and analysis of each individual are done so that he/she can be sharpened on the areas which would help to conquer greater heights in terms of career.

When it comes to learning a new skill, not ever employee will turn to Google or Youtube. In fact, almost 55% employees turn to peer support for a quick understanding, according to a study by Degreed.

Working religiously on projects related only to one’s domain and is boring! Radixians are known for their talent to learn, unlearn, and relearn every minute as business models, and technologies shift.

We believe that facilitating learning at an individual’s speed, location, and convenience frees the learner from classroom and time constraints while maximizing the workforce’s efficiency.

We encourage everyone to understand, learn & explore other departments — so that they don’t just stay good at what they do.


Culture is something that encircles us all the time at work. At Radixweb, it’s the force that forms the base of our work-life balance, our professional relationships, and work processes.

Radixweb’s positive organizational culture attracts creativity, promotes participation, optimizes professional satisfaction, and is a catalyst for our success. Our company’s identity is greatly affected by everything: leadership, management, corporate practices, policies, people, and more cultural impacts.


We at Radixweb wholeheartedly understand the word ‘flexibility.’ Flexibility for us means allowing workers to make their own decisions on when, where, and how they participate in projects and activities relevant to the job and events. Workplace flexibility at Radixweb implies presence the of work-life balance, a friendly community, and a growth-focussed surrounding.

According to the poll, 85.9% of MENA professionals choose to work for an employer that provides “flexible hours.”

Flexible scheduling encourages our workforce outside the workplace, allowing them to alleviate stress and become more concentrated and efficient while working.

“When you can gain energy from doing good work, it can help to propel you to be more successful in your life outside of work.” – Harvard Business Review

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We foster dreams at Radixweb

At Radixweb, individual differences are nurtured; information is not concealed or spun; we bring our workforce value – instead of just mining it from them. The company stands for something meaningful; the work itself is morally satisfying, and there are no nebulous laws.

Our business is filled with ideas and innovations. Therefore, we ensure that by sharing his/her experience, every individual who joins the team can make a difference in quality performance and culture.

Are you someone who understands the value of culture and enjoys a vibrant team environment? Radixweb is the place. Come join us and be a part of the best IT company to skyrocket your career growth.

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Sarrah Pitaliya is a senior digital marketing manager at Radixweb to precisely navigate strategy for growth, build marketing capabilities, align the organization around customer experience and mentor teams about new digital, social, mobile channels and customer opportunities. Apart from work, she is a fitness freak and coffee connoisseur.