Enterprise Application Development @ Radix using MVC Architecture

Enterprise Application Development @ Radix Using MVC Architecture

Today, we come across so many new technologies and their advanced versions. All of them offer something much powerful that smoothen our daily processes. Gradually, IT services and products become an integral part of business. Every small to large sized organization requires various IT developments to satisfy their business needs. It can be a simple static website to large scale enterprise system that contains lots of high end components.

Having 13+ years industry experience, we have developed different enterprise systems for versatile industry domains. This cover story addresses giant corporates who have broad requirements for various enterprise system developments. At Radix, we build up cutting-edge applications using MVC Architecture that helps giant enterprises to manage their various business activities. By utilizing latest MVC offerings, we create stunning single page frontend web application with HTML5. And highly dynamic backend that manages numerous activities using the most recent technologies.

To create a boosted and customized application, we combine user friendly MVC architecture and HTML5 for attractive look and feel for user interface. Are you curious how to build up a multi purpose enterprise application using that smoothen your business processes?

Radix & MVC based Enterprise Application Development

Under latest MVC architecture based development, we utilize user interface development along with the functionally effective admin panel. Development of such applications is divided into two parts:

1) Application User Interface Development
2) Application Backend Development

Let’s give a look how Radix MVC experts utilize different technologies to develop and deliver solution centric enterprise applications to simplify various business processes. At the time of enterprise systems development, we utilize HTML5 for client side server and MVC components at web side server.

Basically entire application is based on three basic components of MVC architecture. HTML5 and other client server development fall under the roof of View for SPA. While Model and Controller stand for backend development of any enterprise system.

1) Application User Interface Development

User interface is a frontend of any application, solution or system where all end users interact. Using latest designing technology HTML5, we create amazing website for visitors with smooth navigation and quick scrolling. We build up Single Page Application (SPA) by combining HTML5 for catchy website creation and MVC for powerful backend to manage numerous features and functions for reliable and accurate output.

Single Page Application (SPA)
It is a single page website for visitors. We create SPA having single HTML page that dynamically updates particular page as user interacts with application. Rather than calling separate page for each inputs provided by end user, it calls different data at the same page. In addition, resolution of SPA is equal at both web as well as mobile platforms. It offers benefits of

Responsive: Allow to develop responsive website for different devices with same resolution
Reach: Enhanced customer reach due to easy access of SPA from different devices
Round Trip: Avoid round trips between client and server

Along with HTML5, we use various JavaScript technologies to develop functionally smooth enterprise system. The JavaScript technologies can be KnockoutJS, BackboneJS, AngularJS, etc. for SPA.

Radix offers appealing and conceptual website designing for SPA using latest HTML5. Our frontend of application facilitates with creative graphics, media content addition, batter page structure, better form management, several APIs to drag/drop elements, geo-location, client side database, offline application cache, etc. The HTML5 based frontend development delivers advantages of quick accessibility, video & audio support, cleaner code, smarter storage, better interaction, cross browser support, mobile based development, etc.

Twitter Bootstrap
This is an excellent frontend framework to develop faster, easier and less repetitive UI for enterprise application. Under Twitter Bootstrap development, we offer a fluid grid layout, responsive design, custom form elements, JavaScript interaction, cross browser compatibility, and much more.

We use JavaScript technologies for both frontend and backend as per technical requirement of development. For client side server, we provide standard functionalities like cookies, user authentication, data encryption/decryption, caching JSON data, etc. Other JavaScript technologies, we utilize:

AngularJS: To develop and run a dynamic and static SPA for large scale enterprise. We develop enriched browser based applications with Model-View-Controller by eliminating much coding, write through data binding and dependency injection. To define and manage client side application logic for validation and business processing we apply AngularJS.

2) Application Backend Development

When we talk about backend of enterprise applications, it contains functionality development that streamlines various business activities. To manage various functionalities, we use various technologies as mentioned below:

We develop enriched enterprise application using Asp.Net web API framework. It leverages various web standards for data format such as HTTP, JSON or XML. Moreover, it provides a simple way to build RESTful applications based on REST based data services using DotNet framework. It works with very similar concept of MVC having components such as routing, controller and controller action results. It allows to reach a broad range of clients including browsers and mobile devices.

This is an essential part of MVC structure. We develop a Model for enterprise system that manages application behavior and database in a logical structure to perform specific operations.

It’s another part of MVC structure. Our experienced developers build a cutting-edge controller receives end user requests and responds to them. Controller developed by us reads end user inputs or requests, processes the requests, gets data from Model accordingly, and displays information in a particular view to end users. It is considered as a link between Model and View.

Repository Pattern and Unit of Work Patterns
By applying repository pattern and unit of work pattern, we separate application data access layer from business logic layer. So MVC allows the application to insulate application from changes at data store. Moreover, our development facilitates an application with test driven development. We test all three application components separately to identify vulnerabilities and resolve them.

Entity Framework
We develop enterprise applications using the entity framework that is a set of ADO.NET technologies to build up data oriented solutions. Our experts use various model of entity framework such as conceptual model, storage model, mapping model, etc. These models improve productivity, maintainability and performance of web solution.

For MVC architecture based bespoke enterprise class application development contact Radixweb.

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